Monday, March 5, 2018

Of course she did not appear at the Oscars nor was she expected to. As an executive producer she was not a nominee and would not have received an Oscar if The Breadwinner had won.

"I think a lot of moms don't really rest. And somehow we find real pleasure in that.  I mean, even if I try to take a bath, I'll end up with at least two of my kids in there with me, which is lovely.  I wouldn't trade it all."

None of the children were photographed arriving or leaving the Guerlain HQ so they either used a back entrance or the private fragrance workshop for the family took place elsewhere.  At this point, the family has perfected the art of moving stealthily.

She made no mention of how she had to stay home and put all her work on pause for a year because the children needed her.  That chapter is long past, it's not at the forefront of her thoughts anymore

"We arrived at 1 o'clock this morning. I got up at 8am to do this and this person said to me, "Do you know what you need to do?  Rest.'"

"this person":
- was beside her when she got up at 8am;   
- didn't want her to get up;   
- knew she was tired and didn't have much sleep;
- was concerned about her;
- wanted her to rest;
- was waiting for her in Paris and isn't tired or sleepy;
- isn't looking forward to being with her while she does her work for Guerlain;
- is confident and comfortable challenging her and asserting her health is more important than being on time for her appointments;
- cares deeply for her.
Given all the above, "this person" is more than likely the only member of the family she couldn't publicly acknowledge until the process is officially completed;
- the co-owner of the estate in the South of France
- her husband
- who loves her.

"There’s still much beauty in the world and a lot of love. And a lot of love to be given."

She, Shiloh and Zahara were in Zaatari Camp Jan. 28.  They joined the rest of the family in Paris Jan. 29.

"You know all the good stuff in Mommy? She's just that.  Everything about Mommy that you love, when I'm my best and you like my stories, or you think I'm being really sweet and warm and funny -- that's my mom.  All the other stuff, the weird stuff, that's me.  All the good stuff's her."

This latest edition of Mon Guerlain has an influx of jasmine sambac...a symbol of hope and love. can see how much of herself she gives to others and how close she is to her family.  I wanted to underline that in the composition.


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    A N G I E

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    Like a 💐 of flowers the notes of Mon Guerlain eau de parfum florale add a fresh & radiant touch to everyday life.
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  3. Fussy here is a video interview where Thierry Wasser is talking in Moscow, Russia about the Indian jasmine sambac Flower and what it symbolizes in Asian culture, especially in Indian culture and elsewhere.

  4. Fussy, Mathieu Cesar who photographed the recent Mon Gurlain shoot with Angelina has posted
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