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The Week or so In Review...

This may not have been their biggest blow up but it was unquestionably their most public, nothing else comes close. They’ve been living under very difficult conditions these past 2 years with much of their family life having to be held in the shadows. It’s been particularly difficult for Brad. He has been extremely anxious to achieve full reinstatement. He’s been under a lot of pressure and stress especially at this time when they're pinning their hopes on the crucial Summer schedule.  It was likely something small and trivial that got blown out of proportion.  Perhaps they argued over his wearing his wedding ring in public prematurely.  The photos appeared on or before July 31 and Spiegel talked to Wasser on Aug. 1.  He may have been hyper sensitive. A heated moment, with neither willing to concede the point, led to the request for bifurcation. Under these circumstances making up will be equally swift and dramatic.  They both did things they deeply regret. Brad already started to make amends even while responding to her filing. The fight started while they were in different continents but the apologies, most profusely from Brad, were delivered in person.

In his response to Bley DeJean's Request for Case Management, Spiegel sought to avoid court involvement even on the request for bifurcation, which was very telling.  He stated at the outset that the whole Request for Case Management was not necessary.  He avoided any reference to Angelina's motives, which were an easy and obvious target, or any personal criticism, and only said enough to set the record straight without critical comment.  It was, under the circumstances, a very calm, restrained response from Spiegel who in the past had been much more combative.  Brad's hand was visible behind it.  He knew he caused this, he was to blame and he was trying to soothe and calm Angelina.

On the matter of bifurcation, Spiegel's response concentrated almost entirely on narrating how it was actually Brad who had first broached it.  He totally ignored the entire section Bley wrote.  He concluded with a simple statement of facts -- that the Request shows Angelina "does not object" to Brad's request to bifurcate and that "the issue can now be resolved by stipulation"  -- but as a response, it was redundant and served no purpose since both points were covered in more detail in Bley's Request.  What is notable is how the careful wording avoids the suggestion of forward action. No "Counsel can now work together to advance the request."

Angelina was upping the ante: Brad had proposed bifurcation and she went one step further and wanted to get it done by the end of the year.  While Spiegel emphasized that Brad was the first to express interest in bifurcating, he was oblivious to everything Bley wrote on working to move the bifurcation forward and quickly obtain Judgement.  If Brad really wanted to bifurcate, Spiegel would have eagerly jumped at any opportunity to advance it -- advancing is, after all, the whole purpose of bifurcation.  But he ignored it entirely.  Bley had suggested a Case Management Conference to address all issues so they can complete the prerequisites for bifurcation in a timely manner.  Spiegel replied the request was unnecessary.

Spiegel will obstruct and impede all efforts to move bifurcation forward. His only interest was to set the record straight that Brad broached the request first, he started this mess, and Angelina was reacting to him.  Brad never wanted the case to be bifurcated and neither does Angelina.  His request to bifurcate was angry bluster and he was alarmed that Angelina called his bluff and was ratcheting things up.  She was furious and spoiling for a fight.  Brad started his efforts to undo the hurt and damage he had wrought with Spiegel's response.  He was already trying to make amends and make up with Angelina.

Brad was determined to help Angelina forgive and forget the mess he started. There is no trace left at all of the emotional turmoil that was evident in the Request.  She has been beaming happily since she returned to L.A., more than usual.  Making up after a lovers' quarrel was good for them.  It allowed them to vent and clear the air.

Angelina’s love for Brad has not waned because Brad has been giving her “a lot of love” in return. 

They now await the court's action after it reviews the testimonies of the psychiatrist and the psychologist and Dr. Katz's custody evaluation report.

They are relaxed and confident.  Angelina took all six children out this week.  She has been out with the kids every day while Brad has custody.

Their family life has returned to normal privately.  They are looking forward to emerging publicly.  The problems are behind them.  They're ready to face the world.

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Saturday, Aug. 18

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60Out escape rooms



"I’m deeply saddened by the passing of Kofi Annan, a true global statesman and man of integrity. Like many others, I will remember him for his kindness, his grace, and his calm strength of purpose. My thoughts are with his wife and family."

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60OUT Escape Room in Hollywood

Shiloh is getting close to Maddox and Pax in height.

Again, the court recognizes that Brad "has" custody.  He is "officially" in control and responsible. Since they arrived in L.A.  Living in the DeMille. Together.


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday afternoon, August 16

Leaving the building in Beverly Hills where her dermatologist, Rhonda Rand, has her clinic.

We've seen all six kids out this week in daily excursions, sometimes twice a day.  A rare occurrence.

They are relaxed and confident.

The problems are behind them.  They're ready to face the world.

She hasn't stopped smiling since she returned to L.A.

Making up after a lq was good for them.

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She has been out with the children practically every day since they arrived back from London, looking very happy and relaxed.  Brad officially has had custody since they arrived.  They are living together, but their family life is still taking place in the shadows in the DeMille. They may be able to emerge from the shadows soon.

She has “tried to bridge the gap between the kids and their dadShe’s worked to achieve reinstatement for them. But it’s now between Brad, his kids, and the court. The court will determine things.”

The court is conducting review hearings to listen to the testimonies of  the psychiatrist and the psychologist on the recently concluded summer schedule.  The Drs. would give the court their detailed assessment of progress in the children's relationship with Brad through the different stages of the schedule.  They would give their conclusions and recommendations.   Both Drs. were hired and are being paid by Brad.  Throughout the schedule, Angelina was a supporting player, helping to "bridge the gap" between Brad and the kids.  She discussed the visits beforehand with the Drs. to help prepare the children for each visit and again after to make sure the children felt good about their time with Brad and the visits meet their objectives.

Dr. Katz's evaluation will cover the same ground with the Drs. and he would additionally talk to the children directly and may administer some tests.

From both their demeanors everything appears to be going well.  They may be out of this very soon if the psychiatrist, psychologist and the custody evaluator all agree and the court issues an official determination that Brad and the children have "achieved reinstatement." This would allow them to resume their normal family life publicly together.


I have said repeatedly that sites like The Blast and TMZ have been printing fabrications and distortions and are no better than In Touch and Radar or Hollywood Life.

To illustrate, let's look at the latest from The Blast which grossly distorts and twists portions of previously released documents and dishonestly passes it off as a new "exclusive":
 The “Maleficent” star was ordered to return to L.A. on July 11, according to documents obtained by The Blast, and until the court hearing on August 21 must let Pitt have at least “four hours every other day on school days and twelve hours every other day on non-school days.”

As you can see above, what the Order signed May 30 actually states is that Angelina may either return to L.A. with the children or cause them to return on August 11 -- She was NOT ordered to return on July 11.  Spiegel in his Response wrote that they had a conference call with Judge Ouderkirk wherein hearing dates were set and a status conference was scheduled for August 21.  What is scheduled for Aug. 21 is NOT a hearing.

The Order also states that Brad will have custody when the children return to L.A. as agreed upon by the parties.  It was NOT mandated by the court and the court did NOT order Angelina, who was not certain to return at the time the Order was written,  to "let" Brad have those minimum times.  Brad has custody, he is in control.  Like the rest of the Order, this was to let the children know they must spend that time with him. 

The Blast evidently has a debilitating reading comprehension problem and is unable to understand even simple written sentences.  Or it is maliciously and deliberately twisting facts.  I have repeatedly said it is a waste of time to read sites like The Blast and TMZ.  Again, do not reward garbage production.  Do not be DUPED by these sites.  Stop giving these bottom feeders your clicks.

-- Fussy


60OUT Escape Rooms in L.A 

The agency caption originally said Wednesday but everyone including both bodyguards are wearing entirely different outfits from what they had on Wednesday.  "Creation Date: 16/08/2018" -- is Thursday.  Subsequently changed to Thursday morning,



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- The Order stated that "a review hearing shall be scheduled to take place the week of August 13 or as soon thereafter as possible for further interim orders pending the completion of the custody evaluation."  Spiegel did not refer to any interim orders, only that around July 30 (before the LQ aka The Mess) they "participated in a conference call with Judge Ouderkirk during which hearing dates were set and a status conference was scheduled for Aug. 21."  The hearings are mainly for the purpose of listening to the testimonies of the psychiatrist and the neuropsychologist who designed, helped execute, and closely monitored the visits.  They will give a detailed account of what transpired, assess the progress of the children's relationship with Brad through the different stages of the schedule, and give their conclusions and recommendations.  Since their services were hired and paid for by Brad, he would already know what they will say for the record. The status conference would look at everything including Dr. Katz's custody evaluation report.

- Once again, Brad is displaying the fan favorite "A" tattoo and the necklace.  This and all photos below were taken Wednesday, Aug. 15.  While Brad visited Spiegel's office, Angelina was out shopping.  Angelina is wearing what appears to be a long gold necklace and high heels but no other jewelry.

- Their mood looks light and relaxed.   We could deduce that they are pleased with how the hearings and Dr. Katz's evaluation are going so far.  The evaluation relies principally on tests and interviews with the children and the psychiatrist and neuropsychologist.  While they can't know for sure how the children will do, they would have an idea.  In this regard, Angelina's presence is important as she, more than anyone else, can reassure the children.

- With the amount of shopping they are doing -- food, toys, pet supplies -- they are spending most of their time in the DeMille and not Briarcliff.  The court recognizes that Brad has custody at this time.

- They should be in town until at least Aug. 21.

 -- Fussy

Now and then.  Almost there.

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