Friday, May 18, 2018

Random Fuzzy

- Deadpool 2 was filming from June to around October 2017 and Ad Astra was filming from August to November.

- The kids who loved the R-rated Deadpool were likely Maddox and Pax.  They would be the ones most excited about seeing Brad do a cameo in the film, and he did it in large part for them.

- The director Andrew Dominik apparently arrived at the U2 concert with him and lit up a cigarette as soon as he got out of their SUV.  Brad is evidently OK with Dominik smoking beside him, so long as it isn't inside the Escalade where the rest of the family may not like the lingering smell of cigarette smoke.

There was a photo last year of a Tesla with smoke wafting through the driver's window and it was claimed Brad was inside vaping while parked outside Houseago's studio.  Speaking of which it has been a while since he was last seen there.

- The Escalade ESV stretch he rode to the U2 concert appears to have been modified to provide more space for rear-facing seats.  There was no partition separating the passengers from the front seats -- you could see the outline of a headrest and daylight when his door opened, but the tint was too dark to see who was driving. 

Five years ago in his interview with Tom Junod for Esquire:

"When I met Brad Pitt the day after Easter, he was so tired that he was perhaps more reflective than usual. He had just finished a week of spring break with his family. He had camped out with them the night before on his property north of Santa Barbara, and he had woken up, he said, too early, as well as too wet. They had slept in tents, four of his six children, along with two of their friends, and then he had gotten all of them in a van and driven them down to LA."
  "I woke up way too early and way too wet. But it was really fun. Six kids — six of 'em. Including one of our young ones. Angie as well. It's a great thing, a great thing. Then we drove nine kids three hours in an Econovan. The kind you take a crew in, with bench seats. No other vehicle is big enough. There's no car we fit in as a family. Everything else holds seven, eight tops. An SUV only holds seven. And we had nine — our six and three friends. Eleven, including us. It's no frills, man. I'd love to have it all tricked out, shag carpet on all four walls. But we live in a different world. We rent our vehicles. We don't want things so identifiable because we don't want to get followed. We spend a lot of time trying to evade the paparazzi. It's a big annoyance. But everything in life's a trade-off...."

I don't recall seeing them use anything like this before.  Angelina was photographed using an Escalade last September, but it didn't look like it had been modified -- or perhaps it had not yet been modified.  It may have just been delivered hence they're very excited to use it.

The custom work was by Lexani Motorcars

Photo below from Becker, which also does custom conversions

Escalade in Sept 2017.  It wasn't seen again, possibly converted.

- He left the U2 concert early, leaving Dominik behind.  He may have just stayed long enough to watch the band pay tribute to Chris Cornell. Angelina was in the UK with Shiloh and Knox and he was on solo Daddy duty looking after Maddox, Pax, Zahara and Vivienne.

- Per the Instagram post by her manicurist, Emi Kudo, the photos at the airport were taken two days after she had her nails done in L.A. for Maleficent 2.  Her nails are now visibly longer than usual -- the way she had them for the original Maleficent.

- They arrived at the airport without any assistant or security traveling with them.

- As noted previously, Chloe Dalton and Arminka Helic, her erstwhile closest assistants, have seen their roles drastically limited.  Even though she was in the U.K. where their J.D.H. Office is located, she did not have them join her.

-- Fussy


Except she isn't checking her nails, she is simply closing the car door.


  1. Barry Brandt@barrybrandt
    @DisneyStudios The One and Only Ivan is currently filming
    @PinewoodStudios in U.K. & will be filming @citybeautiful @OrangeCoFL in June 2018.The lovely,stunning&talented Angelina Jolie is co-lead & producer.�� @movieweb
    #Florida #FilmFriendly #Productions

  2. Angelina's manicurist posted this.

    nailsbyemikudo 1 Hour ago
    Another dedication post for another my longest and most beloved client #angelinajolie.
    Angie is checking her nails in London 2 days after I did her nails in LA for new #Maleficent movie! 🎥 This is for you


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