Tuesday, January 23, 2018


  1. Fussy, from Fas

    Part of an article about Arjen Tuiten dated 23 Jan 2018 - 20:52 Frysk, from the below link. He talks about Angelina Jolie so I just copied that part.


    The Frisian make-up artist Arjen Tuiten was woke up early on Tuesday morning because of his Oscar nomination. Tuiten lives and works in Los Angeles. He gets the Oscar nomination for his work for the film Wonder. The film is about a boy who has a deformed face due to a disease. Omrop Fryslân had Tuiten on the phone on Tuesday afternoon.

    Of course it is something beautiful, because it stays with you for the rest of your life. And, even if it stays with a nomination, then you are also the rest of your life. But we are waiting. I also let it come a bit over me. Just work today. Tonight I have to go to a Disney meeting about Maleficent II. And yesterday I was still at home with Angelina Jolie. The work continues.

  2. Fussy, no need to post, but here is another portion about Arjen. This portion comes from the below link.


    "I can make people realistically old and I am good at blood and wounds, as in Unbroken with Angelina Jolie, with whom I have become friends. Now that I do bigger films, I am getting more and more attention. Previously, I was always one of the make-up artists, now I manage a team. "

  3. Catherine Zeta Jones trying to convince a fan she is not Angelina Jolie! Cute!