Friday, January 26, 2018

First They Killed My Father,” Angelina Jolie’s gripping drama about a child surviving the Khmer Rouge, is the actress-turned-director’s finest film to date. The movie was rejected by the Oscars, receiving no nominations, though it was Cambodia’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Film — a fact that in no way diminishes the artistry and power of the film Jolie crafted from Cambodian author and activist’s Loung Ung’s best-selling memoir of the same name. The story had deep personal resonance; Jolie’s son, Maddox, is Cambodian by birth. The director said she felt a great responsibility to get the story right — not just for her son, but for all Cambodians.

When you’re a director, you don’t wanna feel you’ve let down your team, or you’ve let down the country, or you’ve let down the family,” Jolie said in an interview for IndieWire’s Spotlight Awards series. It was her son Maddox, who at 16 years old now has his first producer credit for the movie, who suggested she make “First They Killed My Father.” “[He] was the reason we finally did it,” she added.

“The majority of our crew were survivors… So everybody was affected,” Jolie said. “It could be traumatic, or it could be cathartic, and we insisted it would be cathartic. It had to not be easy. Because we were fighting to make something that mattered, so it had to be a little difficult.”
The story follows Ung’s brutal childhood surviving the deadly Khmer Rouge in 1970s Cambodia; Ung adapted the script from her memoir. “[She] made it safe…for everybody to have their moments,” said Ung. “There were times we had to stop shooting, because people were suffering from post-traumatic stress, and Angie was great.”

Even if Jolie did not get the Oscar nod she was hoping for, “First They Killed My Father” was warmly received, and went a long way toward marking Jolie as a director with vision and skill. Not only is the movie an enormous accomplishment for a woman who wears many hats in Hollywood, but it’s a tale close to her heart. “This movie’s about family…It’s how warm it is, and what it means to have a family, and how that forms us, and how that helps us heal and survive.”
Heal, survive, and hopefully flourish.

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  1. video

    UNHCRJordan‏ @UNHCRJordanFollow Follow @UNHCRJordan 2m
    UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie asks the international community to “provide the leadership and strength needed to negotiate a principled end to this senseless war – without sacrificing the dignity and human rights of Syrian families” @Refugees

  2. andrea lópez-tomàs@andrealpzt
    "I would like to thank the journalists for their hard work covering these stories and bringing them to the world" Angelina Jolie #Zaatari @UNHCRJordan


  4. Another video

  5. Nehal الشريف@nelsherif29m29 minutes ago
    Angelina Jolie at the end of her visit to Zaatari camp in Jordan. She urged more aid to Syrian refugees and an end to the conflict “without sacrificing the dignity and human rights of Syrian families.
    #UN #UNHCR #Syria #refugees #dpareporter

  6. Brief interview w/Angelina in Jordan


    Shiloh and Zahara accompanied Angelina to Jordan. Below is what Angelina says about the girls.

    Angelina Jolie says respect for human rights key to Syria peace
    by UNHCR | UNHCR
    Sunday, 28 January 2018 07:20 GMT

    Accompanying the Special Envoy were two of her daughters – Zahara, 13, and Shiloh, 11 – who met a group of young Syrian girls at a UNHCR-funded community centre in the camp. The girls are all members of an after-school learning initiative, and they described education as their greatest source of hope for the future.

    "My daughters Zahara and Shiloh asked to come with me today," Ms. Jolie said. "They've spent time today speaking and playing with children their own age who have been forced from their homes, whose family members have been killed or have disappeared, and who are struggling with trauma and illness, but who at the end of the day are just children, with the same hopes and rights as children in any other nation."

    "UNHCR does not have the funds to provide in full even the most basic necessities for survival for many families."



    "I would like to thank the journalists for their hard work covering these stories and bringing them to the world" Angelina Jolie #Zaatari @UNHCRJordan"

  9. I really love this picture, Fussy, picture of the press microphones waiting for Angelina to speak:

    Press ready to listen to UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie message at Jordan’s @ZaatariCamp home to 80,000 Syrian @Refugees

  10. A most beautiful picture of a most beautiful lady, Angelina. (From The Golden Globes)

  11. Nice big picture video of Angelina speaking. Beautiful Angelina!

    Actor & UN special envoy Angelina Jolie, during a visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, calls upon the international community to find a viable political solution to the conflict in Syria

  12. You can see the Jolie-Pitt girls in the beginning of this video. Then the same big video closeup of Angelina speaking. Beautiful.
    the people are so happy to see her.

  13. Fussy, Arminka is there with can also see Z.

  14. Shiloh in this picture is the spitting image of Angelina


    Visit to NATO by the Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    31 Jan. 2018 - | Press Release (2018) 010Issued on 29 Jan. 2018 | Last updated: 29 Jan. 2018 17:22

    On Wednesday 31 January 2018, the NATO Secretary General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, will meet the Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and co-Founder of the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative, Ms. Angelina Jolie, at NATO Headquarters. The purpose of the visit is to discuss their plans to follow up to the 9 December joint op-ed written by the Secretary General and the Special Envoy, on preventing sexual violence in conflict and the protection of women in conflict zones. The UNHCR Special Envoy will also meet all members of the North Atlantic Council and the Military Committee.

    Media Advisory

    12:15 Secretary General joint press point with the UNHCR Special Envoy – Main entrance

    The press point will be streamed live on the NATO website.

    Still and video images will be available on the NATO website after the event.

    Accreditation and access

    Journalists holding a valid NATO media pass will have access to the press conference as usual, upon presentation of their pass.

    Media representatives that do not hold a valid NATO media pass will need to request via email ( until Tuesday 30 January 2018, 15:00 – mentioning their media organization, nationality and details on their press card. Upon arrival, media representatives will need to present a valid ID and a national press card, or a letter from their editor.

    Access to the location of the press conference will be open starting from 10.45. Given space limitations, the access will be made on a first-come-first-served basis.

    Follow us on Twitter (@NATOPress and @jensstoltenberg)

  16. Beautiful pictures of Angelina thru the years from W magazine. I love her hair styled with bangs. I wish Adam Campbell would style her hair like #9 in this list of 14.

  17. Fussy, no need to post this comment. Thank you.

    Fussy, isn’t the big X ring or bow ring Angelina is wearing in the Brasil Disneyland pictures below the very same ring Angelina is wearing during her visit to Jordan on 1/28/2018? You may need to blow the Brasil picture up just a big bigger, but I believe that is the same ring. Looks like a bow or a big X or a big cross. And I remember seeing that ring in the video of their trip to Disneyland and it was shining like a bright gold ring. Wonder if it is platinum. It certainly is not silver. Unless Brad just made it bigger. Thanks Fussy.

    Disneyland picture.

    Jordan Refugee Camp pictures.

  18. Getty pictures of Angelina leaving the Guerlain Boutique, Fussy, and some from the Jordan trip.

  19. Fussy,

    Disney and Angelina Jolie produce in UK

    Disney and Angelina Jolie produce in UK
    30/01/2018News by Nia Daniels

    Angelina Jolie Pre-production is underway on The One and Only Ivan, the next major feature from Disney to film in the UK.

    The American studio is adapting Katherine Applegate’s award-winning book as a mix of animation and live-action with the shoot broken down into blocks described as "hybrid" and "virtual".

    UK director Thea Sharrock will be calling the shots from a screenplay by Mike White with Angelina Jolie and Brigham among the producers.

    The One and Only Ivan was a New York Times best-seller and won several literary gongs including the Newbery Medal in 2013. It is narrated by the central character, Ivan, a silverback gorilla that has been living in a cage in a shopping mall for nearly 30 years.

    Reports published last year said that that Jolie is among the cast too, providing the voice for an elephant called Stella. The US multi-hyphenate will be in the UK later this year to film her starring role in Disney’s Maleficent 2, also currently in pre-production.

    Disney has made a second home in the UK over the last few years as it continues to adapt many of its classic animated films as live-action features.

    Photo via Getty Images/FilmMagic/Axelle/Bauer-Griffin.

  20. Video of Angelina, later in the evening, surrounded by a crowd, all the while smiling and looking beautiful taking selfies. Amazing woman. I am so thankful for the bodyguards around her.

  21. Angelina and the First Lady of France. Looks like Arminka and Chloe (sp?) are there with Angelina, Fussy. Slide show of fifty photos.....

  22. Here is a very nice view of that incredible ring, Fussy. Diamonds galore! Angelina looks so cute and happy taking the selfie with the fan. She is loved all over the world this beautifu lady with a heart of gold.