Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Ajarn Noo Kanpai - the same guru who inked her left shoulder blade in 2003 and the tiger on her lower back in 2004 - carried out the work last month.
He was flown from his base near Bangkok to Siem Reap in Cambodia where Angelina is directing a new movie First They Killed My Father to complete her 11-year series of inkings, this time covering the centre of her back and right shoulder blade with two separate designs.
Angelina's husband Brad Pitt was also tattooed on his left side in the same session, and now has a Buddhist symbol inking on his stomach.
The same ink was believed to have been used by Ajarn Noo for the work, symbolically binding husband and wife together.
He also used the traditional hand-poked method of tattooing, a bamboo tube with a sterilised needle on the end, rather than a mechanical tattoo machine.
Angelina's new tattoos are a number of ancient Thai Buddhist symbols and mantras, with two different designs which echo the ha thaew (five rows) yantra she had applied to her left shoulder blade.
Angelina's new inkings (which she showed off on set earlier this month) are in the same Thai Sak Yant – or ancient – style and cover her right shoulder blade and the middle of her back.
Buddhists believe the mystical tattoos have powers of strength and healing, with the one applied to her right shoulder designed to offer protection for mother-of-six Angelina's family.
A source said: 'The tattoos are composed of grids with pyramids at the top, which are full of ancient Buddhist symbols and prayers. They help to give the wearer protection and health.
'Angelina is a very spiritual person and has long believed her tattoos are more than just designs on her body – that they actually hold some meaning, power and influence over her.'
Sak Yant tattoos, also known as Yantra designs, are believed among most Thai people to have strong magical powers.
People get them for protection and good luck and they represent a mix of Hindu, Brahman, Animist and Buddhist traditions.
Angelina's new tattoos would have taken around two hours to complete, while Brad's latest etching would have been finished in 30 minutes.
Once the tattoos were completed, Ajarn Noo would have carried out a ritual blessing of the work.
The superstars and Ajarn Noo were photographed immediately after the tattooing session, with the pictures then put onto Ajarn Noo's website and later appearing on Facebook.
Speaking at his tattoo parlour just north of Bangkok after carrying out the work, he said he knew Angelina would return to him and that she 'believes in the power of Sak Yant.'
He added: 'I don't know if my work has helped Angelina in her life, but I hope so. My tattoos have a great deal of spiritual meaning and significance, so I hope they have blessed her.'
The tattoo master is a celebrity in Thailand for his designs and is credited with bringing an ancient style of tattooing back into fashion.
Some believe he has magical powers through the work he creates, and there are many myths surrounding him.
He also personally believes his tattoos are more than simply pretty designs, but claims their power is only in effect for as long as the wearer properly conducts themselves. If they start to do bad, all magical power will be lost from the tattoo and the person who has it.
Ajarn Noo also explained the meaning behind his most popular design, the five rows yantra, which is most commonly applied to a person's shoulder blade.
He told how the first row stands for changing from bad to good, and how it protects people from the bad spirits and pushes them toward the good.
The second row is for luck, the third to offer protection from bad spirits, the fourth is to wish people success in business and the fifth is to give the wearer elements of charm.
Angelina has an impressive collection of tattoos, including the words 'know your rights' on her lower neck, and Arabic script on her right forearm which reads 'Determination' and the co-ordinates of each of her children's birthplaces on her upper arm.
Meanwhile Brad's tattoo designs include the Bob Dylan lyric: 'We live, we die, we know but I'll be with you,' from the track When the Deal Goes Down, which appears to be written in Angelina's distinctive handwriting and is placed on his left stomach.
He also has a cross on his right forearm and the first letters of each of his children's names.

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