Friday, July 13, 2018

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  1. Harrys Drink Company @HarryMilkshake 3h3 hours ago
    You know you’ve made it when the a-listers are drinking the stuff. #angelinajolie #hotchocolate #alister #fairwaycoffee fairwaycoffeecab …

    harrys_drinks_company 2 hours ago
    You know you’ve made it when the a-listers are drinking the stuff. #angelinajolie #hotchocolate #alister #fairwaycoffee @fairwaycoffeecab

  2. Fussy, has Ivan wrapped already?

    princesscharlieThat’s a wrap! �� I’ve had such a magical time working for Walt Disney Studios on this wonderful film, and I can’t wait for the world to meet Ivan ��

    Tarentino News

    tarantino_newsFrom "The Musso & Frank Grill will be closed for a feature motion picture filming July 16-20." -- this is likely for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.
    Musso & Frank Grill is known as the oldest restaurant in Hollywood, and has been essential in the social life of the Los Angeles film industry. Next door to the restaurant, Tarantino's production design team appears to have recreated psychedelic posters from 1968 featuring stars of the '20s and '30s, Charlie Chaplin, Mae West, and WC Fields.
    Also, Bruce Lee may be making an appearence in the scene filmed at Musso & Frank's, as actor Mike Moh was seen today (via Instagram) leaving to go film.

    __kilo___@thetevinator How perfect of setting for such a scene. Makes sense too! Just last week Lebron James had dinner in Los Angeles with.... DiCaprio and Pacino. Leo and Al getting together seems like they have some scenes coming up.

    21 HOURS AGO

  4. Brad on Set Today, 7/16/2018

    @joliepittsofficial: New❗️Lovely man on the set of new film “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” today���� #joliepittsofficial_news #OnceUponATimeInHollywood

  5. DM has story and pics of Brad todaay 7/16/2018


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