Wednesday, July 25, 2018

07/20/2018 Stipulation and Order (Regarding Filing of Sealed Custody and Custody Related Pleadings, and Order Thereon )
Filed by Attorney

This is obviously their response to the leak.  Again, it is a joint request for an order regarding the handling or mishandling of their filings that are supposed to be sealed.

Perhaps a formal request for an investigation into the violation of the seal order and corrective measures to avoid a recurrence.

This bears repeating:  No true insider and friend has ever and will ever talk about their lives.  Their inner circle is very tight and nothing goes out of that circle.  Unlike the courts, they know how to keep things airtight.

Do not waste your time clicking on any bogus "reports."  Do not reward garbage  production.  Wait for a statement or an interview.

-- Fussy

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