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"In front of the house he is renting in Windsor," no date.

The leak forced him to move out of the hotel where the children's visits were already ongoing.  They were half-way through the initial 10-day period during which the children have one-on-one or two-on-one time with him for four hours each day. They spent a long time studying how the visits would proceed in that hotel including recreational activities for the children and the leaked forced them to move to an alternate location that was less ideal.

Brad was photographed biking on the hotel grounds on Wednesday, shortly after the first leak and then he was seen emerging from this house on his bike on Friday. They will have to move the venue again for the 2nd phase now that the paps have this location staked out.

On a scale of 1 to 10, their anger over this leak would be at least 11. It disrupted critical visits that were meticulously and thoroughly planned.  The psychiatrist or the psychologist talks to the children &/or Angelina before and after each visit to make sure they achieve the goals they set out for that visit and the children feel good about their time with Brad.  Every detail of this effort was very thoroughly studied to make sure it succeeds. 

So it is very significant that Brad is again wearing one of his gold necklaces.  He was not wearing it during the OUATIH table read in L.A. on June 7.  The visits started June 8.  We first caught a glimpse of the necklace when he was out biking in Windsor on Friday, June 15.  That he put it back on while in the middle of this sensitive effort is a strong sign that the visits have gone well and they've already made substantial progress.  It means the children are happy to see him wear the necklace and with what that represents to them.  It means the barriers between them have come down and the family is coming back together.

As noted previously, they gave the children a powerful incentive to open up to their father -- by dangling the possibility that their time with their mother may be reduced or primary custody may be transferred to him if they don't.  The children have no medical condition that impedes their ability to do so, they just need to have sufficient desire and motivation

- The older gentlemen pictured may be the psychiatrist who is monitoring the first phase of the visits.

- The leak is not reflected in their faces or demeanor.  They both look sanguine -- another sign that the visits are going very well.

- Dr Katz will make the expert determination that this effort has succeeded and the family is healthy.  The evaluation should be completed around the week of August 13 or sometime after.  Given that they already appear to be well on their way after just the first phase, there seems little doubt about its success.

- We obviously can't see what, if any, pendant is attached to the necklace.  The broad v on his chest in the top right photo is the crease of his shirt.  If it was large pendant, it would be pressing harder against his shirt when he is leaning over his bike (lower right photo below) and would be more discernible.  There is nothing visible pressing against his shirt.  A large pendant would bulge out when viewed from the side.  His side view (lower left) shows his shirt is flat, there is nothing protruding from his chest.  If there was a large dangling pendant, there would be a large vertical crease marking it, parallel to his earphone cables -- there is nothing of the sort.   If there is a pendant, it is likely small.  Like the pendants he had worn before.  And as noted above, whatever it is, it is something he believes is helping restore his relationship with the kids.

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Below, an old photo just posted by the same fan account.  Chloe Dalton is on the right.  As noted previously, there has been a sharp diminution in their contact and work from those days when they even accompanied the family on vacation.
Angelina mentioned the problem of sexual violence on her trip to Iraq and Kurdistan -- around which their work with her is now largely confined. 

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