Friday, May 4, 2018

Random Fuzzy

 - Still very tight-lipped.  The start of production should be accompanied by an announcement from Disney confirming the cast and key behind-the-camera talent that they've so far not revealed.  They're keeping a lot of info, including the exact start date, very close to their chest.

- Elle is/was in NY.   Rehearsals may have started but she has time to travel and fulfill other obligations.

- Last credible sighting of anyone in the family was of Angelina taking the kids shopping at H&M in L.A. on Tuesday, April 24.
Last photo of Angelina was in Beverly Hills on Sunday, April 8.
Last photos of Brad was in an L.A. car park in mid-late April.
No photos of the kids since late March.
No sightings at all in the U.K.

From the above, it appears they were hanging around in L.A. for most of April.  If she had some work to do in the U.K., she did not spend much down time there. 

-- Fussy


Rather than a hoodie, Fanning opted to celebrate in $92,000 worth of "Paper" diamonds—a quick and easy way to upgrade any outfit, particularly if you've just flown to New York amidst a week of starting rehearsals with Angelina Jolie. Maleficent 2 has yet to have either a release date or a confirmed cast, and while Fanning, who plays Princess Aurora, didn't shed light on the rumors that actors like Michelle Pfeiffer will come on board, she did confirm that this time around, she's definitely more comfortable with the cast. "I met her and kind of got those nerves over with, so now I know her better," she recalled with a laugh of shooting the first film with Jolie in 2014.
While she's been prepping for her first-ever reprisal of a role and sequel, plus contemplating the question, What can I bring to this character now that I’m 20 and not 14?, Fanning's also been keeping busy with her sister Dakota, whom she's long shared jewelry with, and with whom she'd conveniently been hanging before the Tiffany's event.  ....


  1. Team Jolie has pics of Angie modelling Zahara's limited jewellery she designed for Protocol


  3. Fussy, another sighting of Angelina and the kids at the MOT -


    wonder if that is a bodyguard in back of her?

  4. Fussy - Brad spotted at Winchell's in Hollywood, (Los Angeles today 6/6/2018)

  5. Museu da Tolerância @musoftolerance

    Hoje tivemos visitantes especiais no MOT. # Angelina Jolie com a família passou o domingo no museu. Na foto, com o rabino Hier, fundador e decano do @simonwiesenthal.


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