Friday, May 25, 2018

Random Fuzzy

- It appears filming on Maleficent 2 just started today, May 25, Friday.  Or at least it started today for David Gyasi.  No announcement yet from Disney and nothing from Joachim Rønning since his "Calm before the storm" Instagram post.  They may be waiting for Angelina herself to start filming her scenes.  From Elle Fanning's comments, that should be imminent.

- From the logo in Gyasi's water bottle, they are currently referring to it as Maleficent II.

- Angelina reportedly brought two of the kids today to Legoland, Windsor.  Filming may have started on Maleficent II but apparently she wasn't needed on set.  It's the first sighting of the family out and about in the U.K. 

- According to Elle, all the kids have been on set.  But before today, they've kept a very low profile in the U.K.

- Angelina, Shiloh and Knox were photographed flying out of Heathrow last Thursday, May 17.  Those are still the only pap photos of them in the U.K. -- and the only photos of them at any airport.  They've obviously been traveling but they've successfully eluded the paps.

- A Twitter user who works in Disneyland - Paris posted yesterday, Thursday, May 24, that Angelina was at the park and greeted him "Happy Birthday."  She could have been there a day earlier since he first posted about his birthday on May 22.

- She evidently hasn't been needed on set the latter part of the week and is free to travel -- much as she did last week.

- This week, she apparently stayed in Europe.  It may be because the evaluations by the mental health professionals of Brad's and the children's readiness for Brad to take over while she is filming have been completed.  It had gone well and the therapists didn't need to see her again.  She didn't have to make the exhausting 21+ hour round-trip to L.A.   They're all set.  She had some time to spare to take the children around before she has to start work full time. 

- They hit two amusement parks in a row. 

- Brad was photographed in L.A. on Wednesday, May 23, emerging after reportedly spending 7 hours in a building.   It wasn't a production meeting since he was in a suit.  Perhaps filming OUATIH?

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Elle Fanning Talks Mary Shelley, Angelina Jolie, and Maleficent 2

You’re about to reunite with Angelina Jolie for Maleficent 2. Has she given you any great advice?
I'm in London—we're about to! I’ve never done a sequel before, so it should be fun to re-visit a character many years later. That is something I’m very excited for. Also, being reunited with Angie is pretty cool. She’s just a powerhouse on set; the way that she works, she just has this power and respect around her.
It’s so funny because people always ask, "Oh, does she give you advice all the time?" and it’s not so much like that. I think just watching her…and seeing what a great mother she is. All of her kids are there and she’s walking around—like, last time I remember, she was walking around in the whole Maleficent outfit with two kids on each arm. She's a working woman and a mother, and that example is such a great one for me to see. You can do it all.

Neat water bottle

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And then, you decided to go do something huge Maleficent 2.
SKREIN:  It’s just fun. I’m so lucky and grateful.
That’s the definition of a big fantasy movie.
SKREIN:  It really is. I’m just so grateful that I can flirt between these tiny independent movies and big studio blockbusters, and dance in between, as well. There’s so much fun to be had, in both of them. Catering and craft services is better on the big ones, and the trailers are so nice. ...
It’s been said that your character in Maleficent is a villain. What can you say about him and the kind of villain he is?
SKREIN:  I can say nothing. I can say that it’s an interesting character, and it’s another role of a lifetime...My job is always just about conveying human emotion, trying to be honest, and representing real human experience to the audience members, so it’s the same thing, in that regard. I’m just gonna show up and try to be relaxed and honest.


  1. David Gyasi "First day of shooting."

    thedavidgyasiFirst day shooting! Thank you @disneystudios and have a great weekend y’all. ❤️
    ryan_official1Ooh la la! Congrats David, enjoy working with Mickey x

  2. Fussy a French fan posted this tweet yesterday
    this guy works at Disneyland Paris.

    Jordan@ gitano_Jojo 3:18 AM - 24 May 2018
    See Angelina pretty on the park and she wishes you a happy birthday is just magic ✨💕

  3. The Lego land employee posted more info on Angelina and 2 kids I think might be Shiloh and Knox.

    AJ@angeltresjolie 2h2 hours ago
    More AJ Retweeted Amarbir
    Please tell me that Legoland is in England, if its true.

    Amarbir@lightth0use 2h2 hours ago
    Yeah Legoland, Windsor

    AJ@angeltresjolie 2h2 hours ago
    Im sorry, were she was with all of her kids?

    Replying to @angeltresjolie
    She was there with two of her kids. They were so cute and so polite!!! Big blue eyes

  4. Fussy - Article posted APRIL 29, 2018

    by Susan Manfull

    Posting only a portion of the article Fussy, it is quite long but I think you will find it very interesting. Full article is at the above link. Thank you

    "Is Rosé a serious wine? Photo by W.T. Manfull
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    I had asked Perrin about whether he thought rosé is a serious wine. “Of course,” Perrin said, “I think it is very unfair for rosé [not to be considered a serious wine].”

    “What sets the three colors of wine apart?” Perrin asked, setting the stage to tell us his thoughts on the hotly debated subject. “When you think about it, it is [the length of] maceration: it is longer than white and shorter than red. So if you can make great white or red wine, why can’t you make great rosé?”

    Perrin’s answer, as other very knowledgeable wine folks have also said, is that rosé was long known as “a by-product of red wine,” a method of concentrating the final product—a bolder red wine—thus implying that rosé is a “second wine” and, therefore, inferior. Today, in Provence, rosé is not a by-product of red; rather, rosé wine is the goal (although a small amount of juice from the saignée method may be used, in part, to produce rosé).

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    “At Miraval, we want to bring rosé to the next level,” Perrin told us. “To the level of a great wine.”