Saturday, April 28, 2018

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As a rule, enlarging photos results in a loss of quality.  To enlarge a low res photo and preserve some of the details, photo editors like Photoshop CC need to be used.  In the reposted photo, the image retained the original details while minimizing noise and pixelation because they simply made a video and zoomed in

My effort

One can see that his middle and index fingers do not have the band that appears on his ring finger.  In other words, the band is not the result of pixelation and noise affecting the proximal phlalanges of the three adjoining fingers.  Otherwise, all three, which have roughly the same color and exposure, would have the same bands.  Further, unlike the noise visible in the distal and underexposed phalanges, the band is not flat.  It follows the contour of his finger and tucks around it -- as a ring would.  The photo is too grainy to be absolutely certain that he is wearing a ring but it it definitely makes it impossible to rule out.

To be very clear: enhancing brightness, contrast etc. does not alter what is in the photo.  No amount of tinkering with those settings can make what is not in the photo suddenly appear.

I have found joliepittsofficial to be more conscientious than most other fan Instagram accounts.  They've credited the owners of the photos they repost.  I've always maintained that it is improper to co-opt other people's photos and then not give credit -- which most fan sites are guilty of doing. And that it is unethical to watermark photos that do not belong to them -- which many do. 

They were actually legally married two weeks before their formal wedding at Miraval.  They waited another five days before they announced it, when they were already in an inaccessible area of Malta that had been closed to the public.  They kept their rings well hidden before the announcement.
But he's chomping at the bit even more now.  Around the time the photo was taken, 2 weeks ago, the tabloids were in a frenzy after the Page Six report.  This might be a subconscious "error."  Or it could be an intentional one.

Angelina has not publicly worn any ring on her left ring finger since Sept. 2016.
Brad has not publicly worn any jewelry since September 2016.

-- Fussy

Thanks Auristela Pessoa

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