Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Random Fuzzy

- "Their children."

- The previous ET story didn't provide a name but identified a specific person.  If they had not denied it, the next wave of stories would have been frenzied speculation covering all the real estate agents in Los Angeles. Or the world.
They've denied all the stories that were widely disseminated linking them to specific people.  For her, there was a Cambodian musician and a British philanthropist, for him there was Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Lawrence and future date Tiffany Haddish.

- This bears repeating:
- Their reps led by his manager Cynthia Pett Dante and her lawyer Robert Offer, their families in Missouri and L.A, their extremely tight circle of close friends that include Loung Ung and David Fincher, and their assistants led by Richie/Darren and Holly Goline are the only bonafide insiders and all are very discreet.  Pett Dante and Offer have issued statements and made announcements on their behalf, but they deal almost exclusively with the AP.  They have never commented on their personal lives or spoken to tabloids. 

- People is the only tabloid they've given very brief statements to since they jettisoned their publicists shortly after hiring Judge Ouderkirk in January 2017None of the other tabloid sites have had any legitimate access since then.  People is far from perfect -- it also panders to its readers and searches for click bait, but it is the lesser of the evils.  Doug Pitt said back in 2006 that while he never breaks personal news about his brother, he occasionally shares family reaction with People magazine, "and my local newspaper just because it's where I live." There is nothing to differentiate the reports being churned out by E, ET or Us from those of bottom feeders In Touch, Star, The Sun, Hollywood Life, etc.  They are all total garbage and are best left untouched -- clicking on them just encourages further trash production. 

- Angelina and Brad have always been able to keep info locked down tight, which is why they were able to keep her mastectomy a complete secret until they were ready to go public -- through The NY Times.  They've only dealt with The NY Times and the AP.  Except for the brief period after the plane incident and before Brad fully committed to the therapeutic process, things have been under tight control because Angelina is in full control.  She has been in full control since they hired Judge Ouderkirk.   

-- Fussy

“She is absolutely not seeing anyone and will not be,”

“She will focus only on their children and being with them.  She has no interest in dating at all.”


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