Sunday, February 4, 2018

The girls and Knox with The Breadwinner actress Saara Chaudhury at Disneyland, Feb 4

thanks Pride&Joy

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Thanks Felicity


  1. rufus philpot@rufusbass 18h18 hours ago
    I just saw Brad Pitt wandering around outside my building and I got to give it up- That fellow looks about 35...If that. Ridiculous. I want some of what he's having...IMMEDIATELY...

  2. Saara posted a mini video from Dysneyland yesterday with JP kids
    onlyjoliepittfamilyIMMA SHIT MY PANTS FINALLY @saarachaudry

  3. Adorable. Young Angelina with braces, age 11, side by side with Shiloh, age 11 with braces: