Sunday, December 24, 2017

THR Directors Roundtable


  1. I saw this Tweet about Angelina and kids sighting on Xmas day. They might have went to watch Jack Black's Jamanji Movie?. Haven't seen any other tweets apart from this 1 poster.

    Marissa Monticolo@MMonticolo 22h22 hours ago
    Angelina Jolie just walked into ArcLight with her family and I’m dying rn, guys.

    Marissa Monticolo@MMonticolo 22h22 hours ago
    Floated in like a fucking angel in sunglasses with no makeup.

    Ryan Kardashian West@ryanbailey253h3 hours ago
    Replying to @MMonticolo

    Marissa Monticolo@MMonticolo 3h3 hours ago
    My guess is Jumanji and i'm sure she'll be posting a thoughtful review on @RottenTomatoes later this week.

  2. GGPO!G@HouseOfLightnin 1h1 hour ago
    My ★★★★½ #film #review of First They Killed My Father on @letterboxd: #khmer #cambodia

    NCFCA@NCFilmCritics 4h4 hours ago
    Due to multiple ties, there are eight (8!) @NCFilmCritics nominees for Best Foreign Language Film:
    BPM (Beats Per Minute) @BPMFilmUS
    Faces Places @FacesPlacesFilm
    First They Killed My Father
    Okja @OKJAnetflix
    The Square

    StephanieTschopp @cinecution 9h9 hours ago
    I love Angelina Jolie, director. I love the way she looks at the world, the couple, the resistance. First They Killed My Father tells the story of Loung Ung's fight.

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    SophiaL@SophiaLamar1 12h12 hours ago
    Replying to @marieclaire
    Excellent movie on @Netflix. First They Killed My Father.

    Martha Espinoza@espinozajs 17h17 hours ago
    First they killed my father is a good recommendation of @ NetflixLAT 👌🏽 something long but interesting and emotional

    The Ariel and the Ivy@BooksAndSass 19h19 hours ago
    I just finished First, They Killed My Father.
    Holy shit.
    The Cambodian atrocities are something I never knew much about. I must educate myself further.

    nicole@tNicolee__ 20h20 hours ago
    Watching first they killed my father....the communist mindset is crazy. Learning abt It in class is not the same as actually seeing it.

    marginal me@marginalme 21h21 hours ago
    Finally watched "First they killed my father". It's beautifully done and heartbreaking. Probably why I waited. Fuck war.

    ray@cathars 23h23 hours ago
    I just watched first they killed my father and I have a question by chance is there something in this world that angelina jolie does and is not spectacular?

  3. Sara M Fetters@MoviefreakSara 13m13 minutes ago
    "This is a very good movie, and here’s my hope people make the choice to see it right away." #FirstTheyKilledMyFather 9.15.2017 …

    Elbert Reyner@Elbert_Reyner 15h15 hours ago
    # FirstTheyKilledMyFather is a story of a very emotional, tense and powerful survival journey in conveying its anti-war message. The magnificent visuals and the nice directing of Angelina Jolie make this movie more worth watching in theaters than Netflix.

    RubberGudmundsson@GudmoLarus Dec 25
    Wow Thank you #loungung #angelinajolie for #FirstTheyKilledMyFather what a great film with an importaned story and #SareumSreyMoch did a fantastic carrying a whole film like this 💕