Sunday, October 8, 2017

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  1. |Ø|‏ @Omar_XCV 20h20 hours ago
    The cinematography in "First They Killed My Father" is so good. Cambodia looks like an exceedingly beautiful country.

    mother @whozknow 10m10 minutes ago
    everyone should watch " first they killed my father " to see what communism / socialism really is

    Sonia Vasconcelos @margarethVs 10m10 minutes ago
    Dehydrated from crying, after watching First they killed my father��

    Shell-belle‏ @SWEETE160 9m
    Cinema Sunday." First they killed my father" true story, very touching of what people go through at war.

    lisseth‏ @lissybear2012 29m29 minutes ago
    "First They Killed My Father" brought tears to my eyes from beginning to end �� #genocidethroughachildseyes

    The Prodigal Son‏ @Ayja87 1h1 hour ago
    First They Killed My Father. One of best films I've see this year. Kudos to Ms. Jolie. #FirstTheyKilledMyFather #Netflix .

    from @BrienneofHearth 1h1 hour ago
    I had to watch ' First they killed my Father ' and it's a hard, brutal movie, Angelina Jolie did an exceptional job of performing

    crash Landing @CrashLanden13 2h2 hours ago
    Was surprised 2 C Angelina Jolie's name turn up # the end of 'First They Killed My Father' as the director. Good film as far as accounts go.

    Angie V.A.‏ @angie_va1205 4h4 hours ago
    Both FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER & THE BREADWINNER have already been getting plenty of positive reception from people who have seen those films. Angelina are involved on both. Happy for her.

    dollartri ⚡️‏ @TrinaRager 4h4 hours ago
    I been wanting to watch "First They Killed My Father" for the longest. Now that I am, my eyes are wet.

    Danny‏ @thischarmingsfc 6h6 hours ago
    "First they killed my Father" was not as unsettling & disturbing as the book, but was still a terrific movie. So sad. #foremansfilms

    Acin Aulia @acinaulia 7h7 hours ago
    i love how jolie visualising a child’s mind in first they killed my father but still.. a painful truth.

    Marisa Cruz @marisascruz 7h7 hours ago
    I recommend watching 2 NetFlix movies in this Order: * First They Killed My Father * and * Instinct * wishing Good Moments of Reflection.

    teefanie Elisha‏ @teezyfbabyxo 7h7 hours ago
    First they killed my father was actually such a well done movie.

    Ronaldo Trancoso Jr‏ @ronaldotrancoso 1h1 hour ago
    # FirstTheyKilledMyFather is nice and shows that Jolie is improving in the direction but could have a half-hour less to be more enveloping.

    scholl erzsebet‏ @schollerzsebet 2h2 hours ago
    Extraordinary ��#firsttheykilledmyfather #directorangelinajolie #madoxjoliepitt #�� children are…

    Nann‏ @nanndiazdeleon 5h5 hours ago
    ❤️❤️❤️ Angelina Jolie is such a brave woman. I hope she gets the recognition she deserves for #FirstTheyKilledMyFather.#NotesFromMyTravels

    Ile Martinez @ ilee_M 15h15 hours ago
    I have to applaud # AngelinaJolie because she is perfect ������
    Her latest creation # FirstTheyKilledMyFather

    Antarikso bawono @beetlebeebum 16h16 hours ago
    beautiful n poignant pictures at the same time. n like i said..i like POV cam #FirstTheyKilledMyFather

    Christina Blythe‏ @Whatsaface26 16h16 hours ago
    Haven’t been so engrossed in a #film for a long time then I watched … #FirstTheyKilledMyFather ... Very powerful

    Stanley Mcstanley‏ @reverendcaptain 18h18 hours ago
    #FirstTheyKilledMyFather is heartbreaking, beautifully told film and Angela Jolie is a masterful filmmaker. Horror from a child's view.

    Dany‏ @Danyhenrie 17h17 hours ago
    Viewing # FirstTheyKilledMyFather and do not cease to amaze me how cruel we are as a species ��film based on biography

    Delmar57‏ @57Delmar 19h19 hours ago
    Angelina Jolie just put out a movie, #FirstTheyKilledMyFather hopefully they see it and educate themselves about that absolute evil.