Sunday, September 24, 2017

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  1. Sarah Lee‏ @juscallmesizzle 43s44 seconds ago
    Watching the Angelina Jolie directed movie, First They Killed My Father, and it is SO GOOD! @susuthegreat1 you've gotta see this. Netflix

    Emily Reynolds @MLEFitness 20m20 minutes ago
    Watched the movie "First they killed my father last night" Amazing movie about Cambodia.What a beautiful country...

    ♀‏ @AlexisGiselleMU 11m11 minutes ago
    I just cried my eyes out watching this. “First They Killed My Father” on Netflix …

    Joe Snow‏ @End_O_Beginning 52m52 minutes ago
    First they killed my father is worth a watch. It's like the film The killing fields.

    Carolyn Quinn‏ @sequinrosette Sep 18
    @netflix Your FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER is such a powerful movie! BRAVO!

    Loung Ung’s fascinating yet horrific book about her survival of the brutal and sick Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia, First They Killed My Father, has finally become a movie.

    I really have to hand it to Angelina Jolie. I don’t know her personally, so I’m not shilling, but she’s someone who became a goodwill ambassador to the UN awhile back, which, by the way, was also chronicled in her fascinating book, Notes from my Travels. She has been raising awareness of the problems in nations like Cambodia ever since.

    So it was no surprise when I read the good news online that First They Killed My Father was being made into a movie and that Angelina Jolie was producing it.

    The movie follows the story of Loung Ung, age five in 1975 at the beginning, whose happy life with her military man father, mother and several loving siblings in Cambodia is completely disrupted, then destroyed, by the Khmer Rouge takeover of the country. It’s brilliantly done by showing the bizarre story unfold through Loung’s young and disbelieving eyes.

    Wait. Let me amend that. Loung is hardly the only one who cannot make sense of what went on when the Khmer Rouge took over. Neither could the adults who were there at the time, let alone all those of us who weren’t there, thank God, and only heard about the insane events later.

    Loung’s gentle father is not the only one the rogue Rouge regime kills. A quarter of the population of Cambodia did not survive the Khmer Rouge’s psycho system of starving, overworking, and outright murdering anyone who didn’t appear to be in line with their “revolutionary” philosophy, whether they be from the military, educated, in the upper classes, etc. As seems to be the norm with a lot of the more brutal regimes of the Twentieth Century, this one was obsessed with making everyone into “equals.” It never works, but those who want it to can go pretty crazy with their ideas of implementation. The Khmer Rouge went more berserk with that “equality” crap than most. The entire population becomes enslaved by the Khmer Rouge, who have guns pointed at them as they force them to give up their homes, possessions, former lives, and so on, putting them to work in work camps. Question, though: how “equal” can people be if one group has guns on the other, then forces them to do all the work?

    Sareum Srey Moch does a spectacular job at playing Loung Ung, a child fed with more propaganda than food who somehow manages to hold onto her humanity in spite of every insane thing that is happening around her. This is a performance worthy of an award, and so is Angelina Jolie’s vivid direction. As many times as someone can read about the Khmer Rouge’s takeover of their own beleaguered nation, seeing it played out on the screen packs a wallop.

  2. Lissa Price Facebook on Saturday
    I saw Angelina Jolie speak about her new film on Netflix -- First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers. Jolie directed and wrote the script with the author of the memoir, Loung Ung. She's well aware that it's "not my film." She made it for her son, Maddox, who is Cambodian (they have a home there). She wisely partnered with Rithy Panh, the well-known Cambodian director, and made him a producer, so he could be her cultural sensitivity barometer.

    This is not an easy film to watch, children suffering from war, but it's an important piece of history. Jolie was articulate and open about her directing process and a smart interviewee, speaking more to the audience than the moderator. She made it feel like we were in her living room, and that's the best kind of interview.

  3. sbfilmgeek 14 hours ago
    When Luong Ung and Angelina Jolie bring their powerful film "First They Killed My Father" - Cambodia's Official entry to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.
    @netflix #angelinajolie #thedurls #luongung @firsttheykilledmyfather

  4. Women in DRCongo need our help
    "Life is short. There is no time to be small, selfish or
    distracted." Angelina Jolie

    This past Sunday I went to the Toronto Film Festival to see Angelina Jolie, a woman I deeply admire. As you know she is not only a world famous actress and director, but I think she would say, more importantly, she is a humanitarian who fights for the rights of people living in Africa and around the world.

    Angelina and I have one thing in common ~ we have both been to DRCongo and seen the violence and trauma of the women and children living there and we are called to act. I have been travelling to DRCongo with Kingston artist Heather Haynes for over three years now working on the Tchukudu Projects in Goma. We have been able to help 42 women to start their own businesses - sewing and basket weaving - and have another 36 in training with many more waiting to begin. Our training program provides women with income earning opportunities and most importantly it provides them with hope.

    So there I was at TIFF holding up my sign and maybe looking for a sign :)
    Angelina saw my sign and called me to the front to speak with her. I could not believe it! She told me that in the DRCongo and around all humanitarian crises we have to come together to work to make the biggest impact

    It is time for me to be bold and brave and ask for your help. Following in Angelina's footsteps I am inspired to think big and ask you to come together with me to make a difference...

    Your money will help me to continue our work and to widen our impact. We will:
    ~ Purchase business sewing and basket weaving kits ($500 per trainee)
    ~ Support our administrative costs in DRCongo (no costs here in Canada) including teachers, security guards, supplies, monthly stipend, etc. ($10,000)
    ~ Develop and provide personal care kits. ($200 per woman)
    ~ If you are interested in a tax receipted long term sponsorship of one woman's training please copy this link to your browser

    I am so grateful for any amount you can give. I hope you can help...

    To hear more about my meeting with Angelina please copy this link to your browser

  5. #AngelinaJolie and #LoungUng attend a screening of #FirstTheyKilledMyFather at the #SantaBarbara International #FilmFestival (#SBIFF) on September 24, 2017.

    VIDEO #AngelinaJolie signs autographs for #fans in #LosAngeles on September 22, 2017.

  6. Princess Mononoke‏ @lillyofearth 27m27 minutes ago
    First They Killed My Father was visually stunning but most importantly im so grateful to have more insight of the history of Cambodia

    Angelina Jolie ❤️‏ @AngelinaJ_1975 2h2 hours ago
    #AngelinaJolie & #LoungUng attend a 'First They Killed My Father' screening at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Sept 24

    Glenn Dunks‏ @glenndunks 2h2 hours ago
    Was lucky enough to catch Jolie's FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER on the big screen. Mantle's cinematography deserves it. Shame about Netflix.

    🦈‏ @_trillz_ 5h5 hours ago
    watching this movie on netflix called "first they killed my father" it's a good watch

    Panh Rithy‏ @RPanh 5h5 hours ago
    First They Killed My Father Movie Review (2017) | Roger Ebert
    #FirstTheyKilledMyFather @UngLoung …

    Jenifer Vo‏ @refineJvO 5h5 hours ago
    First They Killed My Father (2017) is a must watch! It's on Netflix

    missmicahv‏ @audacious_luone 6h6 hours ago
    NW: First they killed my father. I wanna go back again in Cambodia after watching ths, many childrens suffered during #khmerrouge @sellp_

    Derica‏ @dericarenee_ 6h6 hours ago
    First They Killed My Father is such a heartbreaking movie.

    AC • PHOTOGRAPHY®‏ @ac_photography 6h6 hours ago
    Just got done watching "First They Killed My Father" by Angelina Jolie. Definitely a must watch on @Netflix

    Hannah Li‏ @hannahbananali 6h6 hours ago
    Btw highly recommend the movies First They Killed My Father and Lion!!! Worth this late night of study and stress!!!

    Alejandro Omar RT‏ @landroRT 7h7 hours ago
    Please do yourself a favor and watch First They Killed My Father on Netflix.

    James Hart‏ @jkchart 8h8 hours ago
    First They Killed My Father - in my top 5 right now

    Shane A Blake‏ @shaneablake 2h2 hours ago
    Great film, amazing book, tragic true story! 😔#firsttheykilledmyfather #book #film #netflix #truestory #cambodia #war #angelinajolie

    Daniel Irawan‏ @danieldokter 7h7 hours ago
    A true story of innocence lost and humanity found, #FirstTheyKilledMyFather is both moving and devastating. The last 20 mins is so powerful.


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