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Maleficent 2 we're working on, most likely.  We have been working on the script and this is going to be a really strong sequel. And I look forward to having some fun with that.
-  It sounds like it will be ready to go  "in the months to come" or after Ad Astra, so we should be hearing about a director very soon.

I've taken over a year off now, because of my family situation, to take care of my kids.  
Is that resolved?
JOLIE: When they can have – when I feel it's time for me to go back to work, I'll be able to go back to work. I've been needed at home. I hope
in the months to come.
- She has clearly linked her ability to go back to work with her "family situation" being resolved. At this point, she has in fact already started working since she has been collaborating with Jez Butterworth and Disney on Maleficent 2's script.  And it looks like also with Sony on Cleopatra's script.
Brad is filming and she has started working and planning her filming schedule.  It's fairly obvious that the "family situation" is already resolved. She no longer "need(s to stay) at home."

Cleopatra, there is a script.
- After years of waiting for Eli Roth to come up with an acceptable script, it seems David Scarpa has succeeded.  Roth's name is no longer listed by IMDb but Brian Helgeland, who worked on the first script, still is. What remains to be seen is if Martin Scorsese still wants to direct and if he can entice Daniel Day Lewis to come out of retirement to play Julius Caesar as he had originally envisioned.

Since she volunteered this update without being specifically asked, Cleopatra is likely ready to go after Maleficent 2 -- perhaps after World War Z 2.  Scorsese is currently filming The Irishman with Robert de Niro and Al Pacino for Netfilx.  He has a long list of potential projects including another with Leo DiCaprio.

Cleopatra was famously discussed in the Sony emails leaked 3 years ago.  The one below reports on a conversation with Scorsese's agent, Rick Yorn, regarding his interest to direct and his intention to cast DDL and Leo diCaprio with Angelina.

From: <Wyman>, Mark <>
Date: Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 5:40 PM
To: ITPS <>
Cc: "Gumpert, Andrew" <>
Subject: Cleo/Scorsese

Had a brief conversation with Rick (still not feeling well).  He said Marty is interested, but the deal will have to “blow him away” and he will want a big development fee and producer credit.  He mentioned that he starts  shooting Silence soon, do you know anything about that picture? (It looks like a big independent with Emmet/Furla, Checchi Gori, etc.) He says Marty got more than 10MM on Wolf and Hugo, but he is getting back to me with quotes.  He also said Daniel Day Lewis and Leo were going to be in Cleo, in addition to Angelina, but that Rick “lives in the real world” and knows there will  be some kind of “box”.   Re Paramount, he will also get me that obligation, but he said “Amy knows about it” with the implication that we should be OK with Par co-fi because “Amy knows”.  I told him this could be a hurdle, but that perhaps they  could be passive without any right to distribute (Andrew, can we do that?), which he thought might work.   Let’s see what he comes back with.

Pascal at one point wrote:  “Marty's version of Cleopatra is very complicated... but it's just my opinion.”

The exchange below which was the last on the film included in the leak seemed to indicate that they were very close to a deal with Scorsese.

From: Rick Yorn <>
Date: November 17, 2014 at 8:00:01 AM PST
To: "Pascal, Amy" <>
Cc: Ari Emanuel <>
Subject: Re:

Yes. We are getting your guys info on paramount deal, etc

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On Nov 17, 2014, at 7:53 AM, Pascal, Amy <> wrote:

Can we get into the deal with Marty today?


"Right now, I don't have anything to direct that I feel passionate about like this."
"There's a lot of different things floating around. But I haven't committed."
She has apparently only committed to Maleficent 2 and Cleopatra.

I am not very good at just letting things happen. I am somebody who will try to jump in. I can’t help myself.
- This may be a reference to when she intervened to help Brad reconnect with the children, esp. the boys who at the time refused his visits, by helping him learn how to interact with them and then joining them for family therapy.
We also propose that the parties participate in joint sessions with a trauma specialist so that they may learn how to best support and interact with their children given their current state.

She is looking for a new home in the Los Angeles area so that she can continue the family therapy sessions." 

I don’t enjoy it. It’s not something I wanted.  No. Sorry, there’s just nothing good about it. It’s just hard.
- You can replace "it" with "being apart from Brad."


The September issue of Harper's Bazaar with The Weeknd on the cover was revealed August 3, a Thursday.  I presume her spread that was shot in Namibia is the October cover and that it should be released either this Thursday, Sept. 7 -- days before TIFF,  or next Thursday, Sept 14 -- right before the film is released worldwide.


Select quotes

I'm OK. “It is hard. This is the first time I’ve actually been doing this (interview) after a long time.  I am a little shy at this time, because I am not as strong I think inside as I have been in the past.

It's not easy doing press right now ... I can't pretend this isn't a tough time in my life, but I'm trying to get through it by just moving forward and knowing it's part of being human. Sometimes I can forget that and we can all get pretty hard on each other.

I actually couldn’t be at the final post (production for the film). “I couldn’t be there because of family issues. So sometimes, it appears I’m pulling it all together, but in fact, I’m just trying to get through my days. But if you love what you do, then you tend to push forward and enjoy it.

For me, this last year has been difficult.  I haven’t actually worked other than focusing on the work in Nairobi  and my teaching. I've spent most of my days just taking care of the children.  I will eventually balance more and do more work but because of family issues it's been extremely tough.

What do you like about being a single? And what do you dislike?
I don't like it. It's not something I wanted.
Is there a good side?
No. I'm sorry, but there's nothing good. It's hard.
Where do you find the time as a single mother, and also shoot films?
Last year it was impossible. I needed and wanted to look after my children. Now I am starting again to find the right balance between home life and work.  

Well I think every mother knows that it’s hard. I always ask myself that question and I am not very good at it. I am told often that I should try to find more time for myself, but I do love being a mom.

Yes, my body has sometimes taken a hit with all of the things that I had to do.  And then, emotionally, it was a difficult year on top of all that. But I don't want my children to feel my stress; they need to feel my joy and have joy in just living every day.  

With so much in life, you have to focus on how much worse it could be. And I am so happy I don’t have cancer, and I am so happy that I had the surgeries which will hopefully prevent me from getting cancer. If I get it, it will be delayed a few years and chemo will be delayed a few years, and the exchange for that peace of mind is quite good.

But the only thing I do is try to laugh as much as possible. We tend to get so stressed that our children feel our stress. They need to feel our joy and have joy. For everything that we go through, just living every day, and while you are healthy and even if you’re going through chemo, find the ability to live, love and laugh. It may sound like a postcard, but it’s true.”

As a mother, I am proud of my children and what they do.  It is a good experience for them to be working on the film.

Listen, when you have six kids, you realise you are the boss of nothing. 

I am not very good at just letting things happen. I am somebody who will try to jump in. I can’t help myself.  

As I said before,  it is interesting and we focus so much on many things but making sure our children have a sense of joy is not a small thing, because we want to make sure that they have a sense of purpose of course. But their purpose gives them a sense of that they are looking forward in this life and that they feel engaged in this life and that they wake up with a certain sense of drive. But also that they laugh, live and appreciate. So challenges are when there are a lot of heavy things going on or just daily life or teenagers. I have many teenagers now and there are all the complications that come with it. I am just hoping that nobody will ever be as difficult as I was. So far they are not.”

They have been amazing.  They’re just like (Loung and her siblings) in the film. I know that they will have each other for life.  It’s been so moving to see how much they have helped each other, stood together, the big brothers helping the little kids and all of them helping me. They are your kids and you speak of your own kids, but they have really come into their own during this time. They are finding themselves and their voices. They are just like, in the film I supposed, I know that they will have each other for life.   I see them together and it gives me great peace to know that the day I pass away, they will have each other and take care of each other for life.

Ten years ago I would have not absolutely said where I am today, because I would have thought very differently about my family life and my marriage. I would have thought very differently about my career. I would have never thought that I was going to be a director. I would have bet on just all the kids, all the travel and continuing that work. In 10 years, I don’t know. You get to that age and you just want to be healthy. So I hope I am able to still be creative and Mad will be 26. He just got to be 16 and I couldn’t stop crying as I was reading him his card. He couldn’t stop laughing at me. So I don’t know. I guess in ten years, they are all out of the house. So I have no idea what I will be doing. Chasing them around I suppose. Hopefully no grandkids yet.”

Oh my goodness,” she began. “I still fly. It’s been a while, because life takes over. But my boys are all flying. They’re all taking lessons—even Knox. He likes it, but you have to help him with the pedals. Actually, they’re flying so much that there’s no space for mom (laughs).

Actually, they are flying this weekend. The kids fly so much that I can barely see them on the weekend.

“I always feel like the best adventure is the next one. But now, with the kids, [it’s] nice to be able to think they’re my partners. And what are we going to do and where are we going to go?”

“I always feel like the best adventure is the next one. But now, with the kids, [it’s] nice to be able to think they’re my partners. And what are we going to do and where are we going to go?” 

I’ve started cooking lessons. I’m not sure how good I am at it.  But cooking is one of those things when you are settled in your life and you take that time, you can enjoy food and cooking. Somehow I am very impatient and I am a little bit erratic, so it’s very hard to stand in the kitchen, but I am really trying. I’ve learned with the kids that if I cook, they all hang out. They just love it, but they often take over and tell me that they can do it better.”
So then I had a thought that maybe it’s a genius thing for a woman to say, ‘I can’t cook,’ because now all my children can cook really well. I joke that I did it on purpose.

I can’t follow a recipe. I am not one of those people. I don’t like to follow the rules, so I am a little bad at that.”

Well, there’s probably 12 of us (Angelinas).  But now I need to rediscover a little bit of some of the feeling of the old me actually. We lose our way a bit and we get quite overwhelmed. I have had a lot happen in my life from certain people passing to health issues to raising the children and a lot of things. It’s been a very good time to absorb a lot, develop a lot and grow. But maybe it’s also my kids growing up where I am starting to realize my own sense of play has been put on hold a little bit, my own sense of joy. Maybe with them hitting their teens is going to bring out a little more fun in mom. So maybe I am going back. It may be time.

(bing translate)
Your winery Miraval in France produces very good wines. Will you continue to do so in the future?
Absolutely. Soon we will have a new wine coming to the market. The Miraval well is something particularly beautiful for our family. We have a deep connection with it. I hope this remains the case.


The paragraph below relates to her support for the work of the ICC in bringing those who have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity etc. to justice.  She is referring to reconciliation between victims and perpetrators (shown in three of her films) such as between Louie Zamperini and his former Japanese captors, with warring sides in Bosnia or with former Khmer Rouge members.  She has spoken about this many times before.  She states very clearly at the start that her response refers to political situations.  This is clearly NOT about Brad.  Recall how she acted swiftly after TMZ tried to twist an excerpt of her remarks to the ICC about bringing to justice those who had committed crimes against children (like Joseph Kony) as a reference to Brad.  She asked the ICC and the person who posted the video excerpt to delete their tweets.  It is just one of many instances since the incident when she showed she was very protective of and looking after Brad.   The others included: her refusal to divulge what happened on the plane even when asked directly by the BBC, avoiding any mention of the DCFS' child abuse investigation, never giving any hint about Brad's actions and behavior, not mentioning the children's trauma, asking therapists to join them so he could spend the Holidays with the family.

Most of the HFPA members get to see her during a press con.  We saw the photos of her addressing the press con earlier and this happens every time she meets them.   I have yet to read an HFPA write up that admits that they participated in a press con despite the fact that they all sport the same quotes.  They always write it up like they had a one on one, often adding questions to fit the answers after the fact and at times making misleading assumptions or interpretations.  I have observed that this always happens from previous years which is why, as I did above, I prefer to focus solely on her quotes. They don't all transcribe her quotes verbatim so it is also necessary to compare several to get a feel for consistency. Regardless of what the Manila Bulletin writer, Nepales, chose to provide as a question, Angelina clearly stresses that her answer is political and there is no reason to interpret it otherwise outside of a desire to do so.

Well it’s a very good question I think because, it gets political this answer, I believe in justice and I believe that without any form of justice, it’s very hard to ask for complete forgiveness. I speak to the kids often and I say I don’t want you to hold ill will towards anybody in your heart, wish for anything bad for anybody or have hate towards anybody. But the idea that there is a right and a wrong, there is truth to that. There is a right and a wrong. There is justice and there is criminal behavior. There is cruelty and there are things that must be stood up against. So in order to be able to get to a place of peace and forgiveness, you have to address the crime and you have to make sure that the crime does not repeat itself.  I can reconcile if I feel that there has been some form of justice done and some lesson learned. But I believe that we must do that, or else we are just staying in the cycle. But in my heart, I think it’s very important not to ever hold hate, and it just destroys you. And Louis taught me that.


-- Fussy


  1. c/bragelinaforum
    Angelina Jolie reveals to Al Quds Al Arabi that her
    separation from Brad Pitt has affected her health and created a vacuum that she is trying to compensate.
    "I want to talk to you about Syria and its wonderful people," she said.

    Hossam Assi
    Sep 04, 2017

  2. First They Killed My Father Screening today at 7pm local time at Telluride

  3. Angelina Jolie Q&A after screening of First You Killed My Father 11:11 AM - 2 Sep 2017

    Alicia Malone‏Verified account @aliciamalone 15h15 hours ago
    Sareum Srey Moch, talented young star of First They Killed My Father ❤️

  4. luisadiaz1#telluridefilmfestival2017 14hours ago
    #anjelinajolie #firsttheykilledmyfather amazing movie. #intense #powerful

  5. Telluride Review: ‘First They Killed My Father’ Is the Film Angelina Jolie Was Destined to Make
    GRADE: (★★★½)
    2017 TELLURIDE FILM FESTIVAL: The world premiere of Angelina Jolie’s “First They Killed My Father” received a rapturous standing ovation from the Telluride audience. With many Academy members on hand, Jolie delivered her most personal and successful achievement to date.Based on the harrowing best-selling memoir of the same name by Loung Ung, “First They Killed My Father” tells the devastating story of the 1975 Cambodian exodus of its capital city, Phnom Penh, overseen by the Angkar section of the Khmer Rouge – the Communist part of Kampuchea. We see the graphic and abhorrent events through the eyes of seven-year-old Loung (Sareum Srey Moch), as her large, middle-class family finds passage out of the only home she has ever known.

    Their journey is laborious and incessant, walking barefoot and carrying all of their possessions on their backs while being tormented and driven out by the Angkar. Deprived of food and other necessities, Loung and her family are assigned to labor camps, where even the children are used to grow rice and vegetables for the soldiers on the front who are fending off the Vietnamese army. The Angkar – whose philosophy is that “it’s better to kill an innocent man than leave an enemy alive” – views themselves as the savior and liberator of its oppressed people, trying to purge them of Western civilization’s influence. The children are trained to be warriors, and Loung watches three of her older siblings be sent off to fight against their will for a regime that has persecuted their countrymen.Little by little her family is fractured, and Loung must begin to fend for herself, as she tries to escape the horrors of the conflict through fantasy-like dreams and daydreams. Her vivid and quixotic reveries become dark realizations as she can only imagine what has happened to her loved ones. The film becomes a test of human will, and the ability to survive against insurmountable odds and dangers.

    “First They Killed My Father” is fiercely intense and exceptional storytelling. It is the film Jolie was destined to make. It is a deeply personal effort, and her work will serve as a history lesson for generations of Cambodians to come. Full of rich and emotionally draining incidents, Jolie’s film is ferociously trenchant. Anthony Dod Mantle‘s cinematography is the true star of the film – one of his best moments comes when Loung is trapped amid a mine field, and we are left to witness the calamity from above as the camera pans out softly.

    Jolie admirably tells the story of Loung Ung, who chose to remember so that others could never forget, never losing sight of the fact that it was one woman’s story, but also the story of approximately 1.7 million Cambodians killed by the Khmer Roug

  6. Photo of Al Gore & Angelina at Telluride Film Festival on September 2nd

    Vikki‏ @umbrellagalaxy Sep 3- 7:16 AM - 3 Sep 2017 from Toronto, Ontario
    I, Tonya premiere, Battle of the Sexes premiere, Angelina Jolie all sold out #tiff17

  7. Lisa Kennedy‏Verified account @bylisakennedy Sep 2
    Such differently accomplished films, "Lady Bird" & "First They Killed My Father." Such diff directors: newbie Gerwig & Joile. This is good.

  8. Angelina Jolie: I am a citizen of the World
    Husam Sam Asi Published on Sep 4, 2017

    Angelina Jolie talks about her new movie, First They Killed My Father, and expressed her frustration with the lack of diplomatic progress on the Syrian conflict

  9. devon_biery 2 HOURS AGO
    Telluride Film Festival
    "If you don't get out of the box you've been raised in, you won't understand how much bigger the world is." #angelinajolie

  10. Angelina Jolie Discusses Her Separation & It Reveals The Strength Of Her Family
    Whether a family is famous or not, a separation can be a trying time for both the parents and the children. That has been the case for one of Hollywood's most recognizable celebrity couples, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Jolie opened up about her separation from Pitt and what it has meant for her and her children. Her candid discussion is a reminder that there is always an adjustment period when a shift in a family's dynamic occurs. But more than anything, the actor's words illustrate the enduring strength of her children, who she credits with helping her get through this difficult time.

    This past year, Jolie's focus has been on helping her family adjust and on her latest directorial project, First They Killed My Father, which was filmed in Cambodia. In her Telegraph interview, the director got candid about the reality of being single. She said, "It’s been difficult. I don’t enjoy being single. It's not something I wanted. There's nothing nice about it. It's just hard."

    Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016 after an incident involving an alleged altercation between Pitt and the couple's oldest child, Maddox, on a private plane. In a statement to People, Jolie's lawyer said,

    "Angelina Jolie Pitt has filed for dissolution of the marriage. This decision was made for the health of the family. She will not be commenting at this time, and asks that the family be given their privacy during this difficult time."

    As of August, Pitt and Jolie's divorce had yet to be finalized, according to US Weekly. However, Jolie seems to be focused on moving forward and providing her children with all the love and room they need to grow as they adjust to their family's new reality.

    All six of Jolie's children — Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne — joined her in Cambodia during the four months it took to shoot First They Killed My Father. Maddox is credited as an executive producer on the film, while Pax took some of the publicity stills. It sounds as if the filming process also doubled as a bonding experience for the family, and now that they have returned home, Jolie's pride in her children's strength seems even stronger than it was before. She told The Telegraph,

    "The children have been amazing. It's been so moving to see how much they have helped each other and how much they have helped me. They have really come into their own and they are finding themselves and their voices. I know that they will have each other for life and it gives me great peace to know the day I pass away that they will take care of each other."

    Jolie and the kids are living in a new home now, and Jolie revealed to The Telegraph she's even taking cooking classes. Although she admitted that the kids often take over, and insist they can do better. She even suggested that she may use this new period of her life to get in touch with her "sense of play" again. One thing is certain, no matter what happens next for Jolie and her kids, the strength of her family is sure to see them through.

  11. Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Her Split From Brad Pitt With Heartbreaking Honesty
    Adjusting to single life is tough. When Hollywood's most beloved couple — Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt — called it quits, the world was devastated. Aside from the public's upset, the two of them lost a major part of their lives after this news was announced. And, it hasn't been easy. During a recent interview, Jolie opened up about her split from Pitt and admitted that she is going through a bit of a hard time right now.

    And how could she not be? Yes, when famous couples break up, fans have a tendency to put the focus on themselves (remember all of the “love is dead” tweets that followed the announcement of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’s separation?). But, as public as these relationships may be, it is important to keep in mind that these are real people with real pain — and Jolie reminded us of just that.
    Jolie recently spoke with the Sunday Telegraph for an interview and about her life during her separation from Pitt and the struggles associated with it:

    "It's been difficult. I don't enjoy being single. It's not something I wanted. There's nothing nice about it. It's just hard."

    As TMZ reported, Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt this September, citing an alleged incident with their 15-year-old son Maddox. Us Weekly reported that the FBI investigated Pitt for potential child abuse, but he was cleared of all charges.

    The actress also shared that appearances can be deceiving. No matter how good she looks during her many public appearances, she is going through a tough time. She explained in the interview:

    "Sometimes maybe it appears I am pulling it all together, but really, I am just trying to get through my days. Emotionally, it's been a very difficult year, and I have had some other health issues. So my health is something I have to monitor."

    She is not the only one that was trying to get along on her own. In an interview with GQ Style, Pitt spoke out about the experience from his side and shared that he and Jolie were doing their best to get along and coparent:
    "I was really on my back and chained to a system when Child Services was called. And you know, after that, we’ve been able to work together to sort this out. We’re both doing our best. I heard one lawyer say, ‘No one wins in court — it’s just a matter of who gets hurt worse.’ And it seems to be true ... it’s just an investment in vitriolic hatred. I just refuse. And fortunately my partner in this agrees. It’s just very, very jarring for the kids, to suddenly have their family ripped apart."

    Although some of the most recent reports on the relationship between Jolie and Pitt state that they are "back together" after going through counseling, Jolie's interview paints a different picture. As reports suggest, they very well could be trying to have "fresh start" together, but it's still purely speculation.
    While the idea of this certainly great news for Brangelina fans, it is important to remember that Jolie and Pitt — along with their kids — are going through an extremely difficult and an emotionally taxing time. And Jolie's heartbreaking honesty was a much-needed reminder.

  12. 6 Things We Learned at Telluride, Including Oscar Chances for Greta Gerwig, Angelina Jolie, and Gary Oldman
    3. Women on Top
    Angelina Jolie (“First They Killed My Father”), Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird”), Rebecca Miller (“Arthur Miller: Writer”), Chloé Zhao (“The Rider”), Agnes Varda (“Faces, Places,” with J.R.), and Valerie Faris (“Battle of the Sexes,” with husband Jonathan Dayton) are among the female directors earning rave reviews at Telluride.

    Jolie’s “First They Killed My Father” is based on Loung Ung’s Cambodian memoir about her middle-class family’s horrific experiences after they were forced out of Phnom Penh in 1975 during the four-year takeover by the Khmer Rouge. Jolie has been friends with the writer for 17 years and convinced Netflix to back the $24-million Cambodian war epic, which she whittled down to two hours and 16 minutes.

    The well-mounted movie, told entirely from the point of view of a young girl (Sareum Srey Moch) and impeccably shot by Anthony Dod Mantle (“Slumdog Millionaire”) with a sensitive score by Marco Beltrami, made audiences weep and scored a rapturous standing ovation. It could score some Oscar nominations, as well an official slot as the Cambodian Oscar entry. That’s an Oscar it could win.

  13. Oscar buzz and movie love mingle at the Telluride film festival
    You think it’s a festival and it’s going to just feel like a festival but it doesn’t,” said Angelina Jolie, who attended the Rocky Mountain festival over Labor Day weekend for the first time to screen her latest directorial effort, the wrenching Cambodian genocide drama “First They Killed My Father.” “It’s a lot of nice people, and you get the chance to really talk and have some amazing conversations. I geeked out on Ken Burns.”

  14. brangelinaofficial
    That's the ring Brad gave for Angie. And she put on this is ring again on #telluridefilmfestival 💍