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Ted Sarandos

Telluride with her UTA agent Rich Klubeck

Actor Wes Studi, 69, also came out in support of his film, Hostiles, which co-stars Christian Bale.



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  1. Just posting part as its along article:
    In the relentless story First They Killed My Father, director Angelina Jolie delivers a visceral, emotional, and deeply personal recount of the terrible crimes that occurred in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s. The film, to be released by Netflix later this year, is without question Ms. Jolie’s best work as a director. If slightly overextended, the movie does not waver away from its commitment to tell of the events from the perspective of its young narrator and, in doing so, teaches us more than we could have learned from a showier picture.You know you are in for a ride in those opening sequences, when with dexterous camerawork and editing Ms. Jolie creates tension without firing a single shot, aided tremendously by a heart-stopping score by Marco Beltrami, who scored Logan, the Wolverine, the Hurt Locker, and others. So begins an exodus of sorts, a pilgrimage into terror for young Loung, her family, and her countrymen and women. The Calvary takes her into places deeper and deeper into the horrendous events of Cambodia, one additional blow at a time.

    But what will stand out the most, in the end, is that this movie is a labor of love by Ms. Jolie and Ms. Ung. A labor of love to celebrate the people who survived, and who had the courage to tell the story. A labor of love to Cambodia, with all its tragedy and complexities, with all its brutality. A labor of hope, perhaps, that we can and must do better, even if it seems at times as though we will not. Though not a perfect film, First They Killed My Father is a great movie, difficult to watch at times, perhaps, but important nonetheless. And the magnificent work of a talented director who gives it her all and has finally come into her own.

    GRADE: A-

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  3. joecullen Telluride, Colorado

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    She's wearing the ring that Brad bought her when they were in Thailand last year❤�� she used to wear it with her wedding ring.

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    Angelina Jolie hugged Natalie Portman 😍

    Telluride, Colorado Video of Angelina leaving
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  6. Fussy only posting part of it as its a long interview
    Angelina Jolie on being single again, new film
    Los Angeles – Looking radiant in a white Bottega Veneta dress, Angelina Jolie talked to us for the first time after her separation from Brad Pitt. She talked to us about her kids, her thoughts on forgiveness, reconciliation, how she sees herself 10 years from now, her new movie and the Angelina Jolie of today. “I don’t enjoy it. It’s not something I wanted,” Angelina told us when asked about being single these days. “No. Sorry, there’s just nothing nice about it. It’s just hard.”
    So is there some great reconciliation for her personally, we asked.

    “I can reconcile if I feel that there has been some form of justice done and some lesson learned,” she disclosed. “But I believe that we must do that, or else we are just staying in the cycle. But in my heart, I think it’s very important not to ever hold hate, and it just destroys you. And Louis taught me that.”

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    Top Telluride for me:
    1. Lady Bird
    2. Hostiles
    3. First They Killed My Father

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    Thrilled to catch up with #AngelinaJolie to talk about amazing Cambodian #Netflix film #FirstTheyKilledMyFather …