Thursday, May 18, 2017

The sale of the DeMille is still pending.   By Monday, May 22, it will be 39 days since her offer was accepted.  It should close soon.  We should know if they are putting it under a trust.

The aerial photos show containers being moved from a storage area and waiting to be loaded onto a truck.  The current owners are apparently moving their stuff out.

She used a different moving company when they moved things out of Hollywood Hills after they moved to Malibu.

The Escrow Closing Process

The closing agent could be an escrow officer, a closer, the title company or a real estate lawyer.
Closing processes can vary widely even within the same state. In California, for example, the escrow process is different in northern California versus southern California. The primary difference between the two is escrow instructions are drawn and signed on the front end (shortly after offer acceptance) in southern Cal and on the back end (just before closing) in northern Cal.
Before any escrow can close, however, all the terms of the purchase contract must be met; then the seller deposits the deed and the buyer deposits the funds. Here are sample types of conditions required in California.
  • Fully executed purchase agreement and addendums.

How Long Does a Home Closing Take?

- It depends if it is a cash deal or a financing deal. 
- Cash transaction can close in 15 days.  Financed transactions are going to require 30-45 days


There were large moving trucks spotted outside Angelina Jolie's sprawling new mansion in Los Angeles on Thursday, May 18.

Photos of their compound (below), probably taken the same day: They haven't restored the lawn following the drought so the house is surrounded by patches of dirt.   The DeMille is far more open, brighter and greener. 



September last year:

Azteca Moving & Delivery truck was seen pulling up outside the actors' gated community before reportedly emerging a number of hours later.

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