Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Photos from
Angelina Jolie Brasil

Angelina Jolie has returned to Los Angeles with her children aboard a private plane.

Thanks to Felicity for the heads up and the link.


The woman in black with a red scarf who is seen greeting the man ID'd as Brad's assistant Darren, appears to be another assistant who accompanied them back from Crested Butte. The woman is seen carrying a large dark blue tote in other photos.  Their assistants are always laden with bags and other stuff when traveling with them.  In fact, Angelina and most of the kids are carrying bags and other belongings off the plane.

The woman in a black jumpsuit wearing slippers and holding a small pouch who is just coming down  from the plane (above and below) looks like Angela Bissada. 

Because she was traveling so light, I knew she wasn't an assistant and initially thought she might be cabin crew but then I realized she was wearing slippers which almost certainly is not prescribed attire for the crew.

Angela Bissada, whose profile photo is below, is one of the children's therapists and a trauma specialist. 

 Angela Bissada

We then see Bissada rushing to greet the woman in a grey sweater who looks like Catherine Green.  Bissada and Green are the children's two therapists.  Unlike the woman with a red scarf, Bissada  didn't stop to greet Darren. 

Green specializes in teens and is the therapist for the two older boys.  We see both boys stopping to chat with her after they stepped off the plane.

Catherine Green

Given that their appearance matches their profile photos, seeing how the two of them have a close relationship, seeing the way Green and Angelina greeted each other and seeing how the boys sought out Green to chat with her, I am fairly confident that they are indeed Bissada and Green.

The only reason Bissada would need to join them on the trip is because Brad was also in Crested Butte and she needed to supervise his time with the children.


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's sons Pax and Maddox Jolie-Pitt are spotted out for lunch with some friends and their bodyguard in Studio City, California on January 3, 2016. The pair just returned from a winter vacation in Colorado with their mother and siblings earlier today. Angelina and the rest of the kids went home while these two hit up a local restaurant.


  1. Fussy,
    Maddox and Pax out to lunch today in LA after returning from Co.


  2. Brad's personal assistant of may years was waiting or arrived with them? Angelina is smiling and talking with him.

  3. And again that is Brad's personal assistant with Mad and Pax.

    I wonder if they are back at living at Los Feliz?

  4. Fussy,
    This link from AJBrasil has clearer pictures than the DM pics. You might want to use these Brasil pictures instead. What do you think? It is your call. Thank you:


  5. Brad's assistant name is Darren. He's been with Brad long before Angelina.

    Him being at the airport and now out with the boys and, I believe David O's son, like he did many time before the place incident and the whole mess happen is a good sign that things are quickly getting back to normal.

    I do think that maybe they are back at Los Feliz. It's a big place with lot of house, so maybe they have worked something out.