Saturday, November 8, 2014

Random thoughts

AFI's secret screening is on Tuesday which also happens to be Veterans Day.  Wells, Tapley and Riley have all ruled out Unbroken because Universal has big plans for its initial screenings at the end of the month.  But there is something about the timing -- on Veterans Day, days after By the Sea has wrapped -- that makes it seem tantalizingly possible.

-- Fussy

It screens for the first time at the DGA on 11.30 with Angie in attendance. I don't think they're going to pop it two days from now.

That sounds right, but something tells me that Warner Bros. publicity isn't thinking about honoring Veterans Day as much as devising a screening strategy that serves their interests, period. The first American Sniper screening I've heard about happens just before Thanksgiving, or about two weeks from now. I'm sure that some kind of embargo review date will be specified. That's the way they usually handle it, I mean. If they show it Tuesday night it'll be fair game for review all over. Something tells me they probably don't want to play it that way. But if they do, great.

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