Thursday, July 26, 2018

No date, no flight info but claims to know what Brad paid.  In other words, they are just guessing based on typical London - L.A private charters.

That only 2 children are seen in these photos doesn't mean only two arrived in L.A.   At least 5 of them have to be in L.A.  Only Maddox has the option of deciding whether or not to go.  The rest have to make the trip to comply with the Judge's Order which their parents requested, desire and support.  In the aftermath of the leak, they changed the venue of the monitored UK visits and likely tweaked the schedule to evade paparazzi, but they must all conform with the spirit of the Order that was very carefully studied and planned.



  1. The info os here

    Dzieci Brada Pitta i Angeliny Jolie wysiadają z samolotu
    EN_01331303_0001 SPH

    EXCLUSIVE: Jolie Pitt Kids Arrive At Van Nuys Airport By Private Plane. As the custody battle between Angelina and Brad heats up, Brad Pitt spends $100K on flying Vivienne and Zahara 10 hours on a private plane over the trans-Atlantic crossing from Farnborough airport to Van Nuys to spend the week with him. A judge recently ordered Angelina to improve relationships with Brad Pitt, or risk losing primary custody of the children they share. And it appears from these photos that Angelina is standing by her promise to do just that. Mom Angelina is currently in the UK filming Maleficient 2. Pict

  2. Fussy Mon Gurlain have a new video of the commercial with new added bits.

    Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette avec Angelina Jolie - Guerlain


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