Saturday, July 7, 2018

July 7, Saturday


  1. Angelina picked up ice cream today


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    Claim 2 fame: Angelina Jolie visited my place of work today to purchase an ice cream
    9:51 AM - 7 Jul 2018
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    Lesley Starkey

    4h4 hours ago
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    Thanks! Where do you work?
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  2. fussy, Longacres is a Garden Centre, based in Surrey, where she is residing.
    becca @beccaalouisee_ 4h4 hours ago
    My dad saw Angelina Jolie at Longacres today getting an ice cream😂🍦

    Emily@emi1ystewart 5h5 hours ago
    Claim 2 fame: Angelina Jolie visited my place of work today to purchase an ice cream

  3. R I S S 🌸 Clarissa_1997 4h4 hours ago
    last week it was jeremy kyle, today it was angelina jolie, i’m fuckin intrigued to see who’s coming in next tbh

    Fussy,The poster has confirmed as I suspected she visited the Longacres Garden Centre.

    Lesley Starkey@LesleyStarkey1 4h4 hours ago
    Replying to @Clarissa_1997
    Where was this?

    R I S S 🌸@Clarissa_19973h3 hours ago
    longacres garden centre, surrey 😊

  4. Fussy, Owain Arthur is one of the voice over actors for "One And Only Ivan" movie has posted this today, photos from the wrap up party that they had yesterday.

    owain_arthur 3 hours ago
    I didn’t arrive fashionably late to the wrap party last night I was almost rude. Missing these guys though. #theoneandonlyivan


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