Sunday, July 29, 2018

google/bing translate:  Then I'm walking in the museum and I see Angelina Jolie, who honors hers being in the same place as me.

Thanks Pride&Joy and Felicity

Wolfgang Puck pancakes

"When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stayed at 45 Park Lane with their kids, we had to send up a ton of these pancakes. They got all the toppings… berries, bananas, smoked salmon, chocolate chips!'



    OMG Angelina Jolie and three of her children just sat down two tables away.
    5:25 AM - 29 Jul 2018

  2. Fussy, Angelina had her bodygaurds with her in the science museum of london,Fussy here is another photo of her snaking.

    It was her friend and yeh she was! she couldnt take a pic with her tho cause there were a lot of bodyguards and stuff


    10h10 hours ago

    bye my aunt's friend saw angelina jolie in the science museum of london
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    she managed to get this pic tho


    Oomanda Joins the Ranks of Namibia’s Stunning New Safari Lodges
    This Angelina Jolie–approved property from Zannier Hotels is just one more reason Namibia needs to be at the top of your travel itinerary.
    Some might say that when Angelina Jolie gives you advice, it’s probably best to heed it. And no one knows this quite like Arnaud Zannier, hospitality ace behind Zannier Hotels—a boutique collection of properties dotted across the globe and beloved by those-in-the-know for their barefoot approach to luxury. His latest project, Oomanda, which joins the ranks of a host of luxe new safari lodges popping up across Namibia, was actually Jolie’s idea.

    The actress-turned-director-turned-philanthropist met the hotelier while staying at Phum Baitang, Zannier’s laid-back lodge near Siem Rap, Cambodia. The property was her home base while she worked on First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, a film based on a memoir of the same name that details the Khmer Rouge’s regime. During that five-month stay, she convinced Zannier to set down roots for not one, but two lodges in Namibia—rightly spotting the destination as one of the continent’s biggest untapped safari markets. And now, with this month’s opening of the boutique lodge outside of the country’s capital of Windhoek and tented-camp Sonop nearing completion in the Namibian Desert, the seeds she planted are blossoming.

    Oshiwambo for “rhinoceros,” the 10-room lodge draws its name from its location in the heart of the 22,000-acre game reserve managed by N/a’an ku sê, one of the country’s premier conservation organizations. Like the name, everything about the lodge flows organically from the sights, sounds, and culture of this wide, savannah-covered corner of Namibia. The camp’s hut-like buildings rise out of the dusty plains looking right at home thanks to their traditional Ovambo architecture—think rounded, natural clay walls and hand-finished thatched roofs. Inside, longtime Zannier Hotel’s collaborator Géraldine Dohognea approached the decor with respect for the region’s ancestral architectural techniques in mind. The result chicly mixes Dohegnea’s signature stripped-back approach to luxury (think muted colors with rustic, but never unrefined textures) with one-of-a-kind antique pieces sourced from Namibia and neighboring countries. Expect to spot curious baboons lounging on the cool polished concrete of your savannah-level covered deck by morning.

    While out on game drives during the day you’ll look out for banded mongoose, Pangolins, and caracal alongside zebras, giraffes and hyenas. Though elephants and rhinoceroses do not roam freely through the concession, the center of the reserve is home to a sprawling, state-of-the-art hospital (funded by none-other than the Jolie-Pitt Foundation) for animals from those species that have been injured or abandoned. There, you’ll get an intimate look at the animals, and gain a deeper appreciation for those that champion the massive conservation efforts that have helped rehab the country’s wildlife, which has flourished under more serious protective programs were put in place in the mid-1990s.

    Days out in the bush or lending a helping-hand at the hospital are best topped off with a dip in the property’s infinity-edge pool, which overlooks the reserve. You may just spot golden-maned lions lounging off the day’s heat or if you’re really lucky, Jolie herself, as the sun slips below the savannah’s vast horizon.

  5. james

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    Why does angelina jolie come to camberely
    5:06 AM - 31 Jul 2018

  6. From his site Fussy,

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    Why does angelina jolie come to camberely
    5:06 AM - 31 Jul 2018

  7. Fussy, pic of Brad on set w/Leon and Brad is wearing a wedding ring on his wedding ring finger.


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