Monday, June 18, 2018

Nora Twomey’s The Breadwinner, executive-produced by Angelina Jolie, scooped three prizes at major animation festival Annecy International Animation Festival in France. The film, about a young Afghan girl living in war-torn Kabul, scored the jury award and the audience award in the competition section, as well as the best original music for a feature film prize from the special awards. Best feature went to Denis Do’s Funan, about a Cambodian family separated during the bloody rule of the Khmer Rouge and featuring the voices of Berenice Bejo and Louis Garrel.


  1. Fussy it a long article only posting part of it wriiten by Angelina

    Angelina Jolie: A Letter from Mosul

    The largest and longest urban battle fought anywhere in the world since the Second World War was fought to retake Mosul ISIS terrorist group. Freedom has come to a horrible price: thousands of civilians were killed and large areas of the Iraqi city were reduced to rubble.

    Much of the Mosul East was spared, but the West is still in ruins a year after the end of fighting. While I was there, I felt as if the guns were silent.

    If we have learned something from the last decade in the Middle East and Afghanistan, it is that if a "victory" military is not followed by an effective help to ensure stability, the cycle of violence only continues.

    You would think, therefore, that nothing could be more important in that situation than trying to ensure that violent extremism never return to Mosul. You would expect to rebuild a city that was an icon of diversity, peaceful coexistence and cultural heritage would be a top priority. You would imagine that the streets in Mosul West would be full reconstruction equipment, deminers, architects, planners, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and world heritage experts, providing technical assistance to Iraq in a plan for the reconstruction of the city. .

    But a year later, Mosul West is abandoned, ruined and apocalyptic. The walls that remain standing are full of holes guns and mortars. The streets are strangely silent: 500,000 former residents of the city are living in camps or nearby communities because there is nothing there for them to return. Cadavers spread and contaminate the environment remains, waiting to be removed.

    In the streets that seem entirely uninhabitable, a small number of families in shock is clearing the rubble of their homes with their own hands, challenging hidden explosives left behind. Last week, there was an explosion in a house that killed and wounded 27 people.

    Even worse than the physical destruction of the city is the unseen damage to the emotional landscape of his people. Residents who returned, lost their homes where their families have lived for generations, their possessions, their economies and even the documents to prove their identity. Communities of different faiths living side by side separated and are now divided.

    A man approached me described with tears in his eyes as he was attacked by militants. A child told me about seeing a dead man in front of her on the street. A mother and a father described the morning when a mortar hit their teenage daughter, pulling her legs, leaving the apparent broken bones. They took her to a hospital and requested medical treatment. What was rejected and she bled to death in his arms.

  2. SexualViolenceInWarVerified account @end_svc 4h4 hours ago
    In November 2019, the UK will host an international meeting on PSVI, marking five years since the Global Summit to End #SexualViolence in Conflict. We will look at progress made but more importantly what more we need to do to end #SexualViolence #TimeToAct

    leonardcdicaprioOMG 😱😱😱😍 8 HOURS AGO
    New video of Leo and Brad pitt on the Set of 'Once upon a time in hollywood' today at Universal studios. June 19, 2018 🎬🔥 #leonardodicaprio #bradpitt

  4. Here is another mini video from Brads shoot with Tarantino.


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