Monday, June 4, 2018

Thorpe Park, June 4, Monday

with Z, S, K and V.  



Random Fuzzy

- Her hair isn't flat, it doesn't look like it had been pinned down for her horns.  She may have been given the day off to celebrate her birthday.

- Some fans are having an amusing obsession with counting her kids, grilling everyone who posted.

- It looks like her blonde assistant may be with her.  Still no Dalton or Helic in their own backyard.

- The ring on her right ring finger may be a new band.  Possibly designed as a triptych, three bands intended to be worn together as they appear very well matched,

- They are accompanied by long-time security Anthony "Tony" Webb who heads security at Miraval, and the other gentleman who is always with them abroad.

KFP 2 Cannes



War Machine

People has not been able to get anything from them since that one line about the school trailer on set.  We already knew the same things about what they did in Thorpe Park from the photos and the tweets.  The only "new" take away from the People report is that she was "really happy and was laughing pretty much all the time!

Genuine statements from them are always very brief, rarely more than a sentence, sometimes just a phrase. They never stray beyond the single topic that is being addressed.  Any time a report quotes a chatty, verbose "source" -- that is a tell tale sign that the source and the report are bogus.

- No update to-date to describe what the 05/30/2018 S&O is about.   It has been a week.  It appears they want it kept under wraps just as they did with the 01/09/2017 S&O.  It's possible that was what was behind the case's mysterious almost whole-day disappearance.

-- Fussy


The Oscar winner — who’s currently filming Maleficent 2 in London — marked her big day by treating all six of her children to some thrill rides at Thorpe Park on the outskirts of the British capital.
This included strapping herself info the Nemesis Inferno — a 2,460ft, 50mph coaster themed around an erupting tropical volcano, which features four vertical flips.
“I’d just come off the Nemesis and Angelina was standing right next to us with her family and her bodyguard,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She had her arm around her daughter Zahara and was having a real laugh with her under her very big sunglasses.
“Lots of people were trying to take a picture but her bodyguard politely asked people not to because she was with her children. She just seemed really happy and was laughing pretty much all the time!”
After spinning upside down on the ride, Jolie enjoyed one of the amusement park’s game stands with daughters Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and 9-year old twins Vivienne and Knox, who was “carrying a giant toy snake,” adds the source
Together with brothers Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, all six of Jolie’s children are in the UK while their mom films Disney’s fantasy sequel with co-star Elle Fanning.
Jolie’s kids are continuing their school work in a designated trailer while on set.

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