Tuesday, June 19, 2018

L.A. Monday, June 18

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  1. tarantino_news 6 hours ago

    On Monday June 18th, Tarantino and crew were spotted filming for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood on the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles County.
    Leonardo DiCaprio (Rick Dalton) and Brad Pitt (Cliff Booth) were present on set, giving us our first glimpse of the actor-stuntman duo. DiCaprio appeared to be clean shaven and wearing a tan leather jacket, while Pitt donned what looked like a yellow aloha shirt and denim jeans (and possibly a horseshoe moustache).
    Sections of the backlot look to have been made to resemble a western television/movie set. Tarantino and cinematographer Robert Richardson were seen in the trunk of a vintage car, appearing to have been getting shots of DiCaprio and Pitt driving through the backlot.

  2. theprimalcafe 3 hours ago

    Feeding the cast and crew today over on the set of #OnceUponATimeInHollywood #LeonardoDiCaprio #BradPitt #StudioLife



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