Monday, June 25, 2018

From the tweets, he would have just arrived in London.  The 2nd phase of the schedule begins on Wednesday.

I don't know if he could have had enough time to make it to set of The King in Lincolnshire, which is 2 1/2 hours away, even if he was inclined to rush there from the airport.

If we don't see any photos between now and July 1 then they successfully eluded the paps and the site of the visits is well hidden and inaccessible. 

This is worth repeating:  It should be very obvious that all reports that make any reference to a custody "battle" or "dispute" are complete garbage.  After any significant news, all the tabloids including People try to take advantage with bogus "sources" coming out of the woodwork giving rambling, fabricated "updates."  No true insider and friend has ever and will ever talk about their lives especially with the sensitive situation involving the children.  Their inner circle is very tight and nothing goes out of that circle.  Do not reward or encourage garbage production.  Do not click on them, just ignore.

-- Fussy

Thanks Pride&Joy

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