Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Brad trimmed his hair and his goatee in now just a shadow.

The first look of Angelina on the set of Maleficent 2 was shared by Elle and now the first look from OUATIH is shared by Leo.

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  1. Fussy its a long article but good one.Only posted part of it.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: love is in the vineyard
    The estate of Miraval, in Provence, is almost as famous as its owners. Despite their separation, the two actors continue to invest in this place that produces a very popular wine.Miraval is a wine estate that the whole world knows. Not thanks to the specialized magazines, but rather to the favor of the magazines people who published many stolen photos of the places. Miraval (Var), its delicate rosé and its part dream ... The couple formed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began to come on vacation in the 2000s. Then made a very big check - 45 million euros, says -on - to acquire this vast property and then renovate it at great expense. In August 2014, this is where the two stars chose to get married , discreetly, but not too much.And when the couple separated two years later, the Miraval estate logically did not escape the whirlwind. The gossip has run high, announcing an imminent sale. From dream to nightmare, the step could have been quickly crossed.

    The Perrin family, too, is always faithful to the job, keeping the doors of the estate closed, but always ready to answer questions about the precious bottles it produces.

    We must not rely on Marc Perrin, another figure of the dynasty, to discuss the divorce of the two Hollywood stars. But on the other hand, he tells how he managed to manage the estate of Miraval, when it was bought by the couple in 2008. "Brad Pitt loved our wines," he says . He therefore called us. Before us, there has always been a wine business in Miraval. But Brad Pitt is obsessed with quality. With Angelina Jolie, his companion at the time, he met a number of potential consultants. And then, they chose us. However, we did not want to be consultants. We are first and foremost winemakers. So we created a joint venture hand in hand. "

    The Perrins already had a nice resume, which allowed them to take the piece. They have made a name for themselves, with the Château de Beaucastel, in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, in the Vaucluse. With over a million bottles of rosé each year, it can be said that the Miraval estate has not been run like a dancer.

    Sold in 80 countries

    The 2017 vintage has just come out and it's just if there is enough for the world market. The strength of the storytelling surrounding its owners certainly, but also the fruit of serious work. At 16 euros a bottle, it is sold in 80 countries, primarily in the United States (40%) and on the French market (20%). " For five years, the worldwide craze for rosé has taken off, and it is not about to stop," analyzes Marc Perrin. The investment was made at the right time.
    Brad Pitt comes regularly, explains the winemaker. He tastes the wines, participates in the assemblies and takes, with the other actors of the field, the big decisions. "The couple is constantly renovating Miraval ," he reveals. The works are pharaonic. They build particular dry stone walls and terraces, it's beautiful. "

    All this, Brad Pitt continues, it seems, to follow him closely. "We agree for each decision, says Marc Perrin . Miraval's rosé label, for example, was drawn together. " This wine couple - for the moment at least - does not flounder.

  2. angelinaj1975#AngelinaJolie atende ao Serviço de Instalação dos Cavaleiros da Grande Cruz da Ordem de Bath na #StPaulsCathedral em #London em 28 de junho de 2018

  3. Angelina Jolie exala elegância em um vestido de marfim chique enquanto participa de cerimônia na Catedral de São Paulo | Daily Mail Online


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