Saturday, June 2, 2018

Thanks Felicity and Pride&Joy


- It is notable that none of the people who posted sightings replied to fans who were trying to get more information.  It could be a coincidence, but in the case of the latter four who all said they saw her at wok, it could be they were specifically requested not to reveal more.

- Adam Campbell is apparently not working on the Maleficent 2 set since he has been posting from L.A. and Las Vegas.  Whatever it was that he reportedly posted and deleted regarding a trip to Hamburg and London may not have had anything to do with Angelina -- just as we can be very sure she was not with him in Las Vegas and LA.

This is just one more reason why I never rely on unsubstantiated information from fans.   In the absence of credible, verifiable evidence, more often than not, the info has proven to be wholly unreliable.

-- Fussy

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  1. JD1@_JuliaDouglas 8h8 hours ago
    Met Angelina Jolie at work today. She's gorgeous ��

    Queen B@Becca_harris98 3h3 hours ago
    Still starstruck after meeting Angelina Jolie in work today, can 100% confirm that she is just as stunning in person ��

  2. Tamara Ainsworth@tamaraainsw0rth 10h10 hours ago
    Actually can’t believe Angelina Jolie was at my work yesterday!! ��


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