Thursday, May 17, 2018

Random Fuzzy

The photos clearly show that they alighted from their car, their luggage was unloaded from the trunk and they walked into the terminal -- which means they arrived at the airport to depart from London.   If they had just flown in, it would be the reverse -- they would have been seen walking out of the terminal to board their car and leave the airport

The photo agency caption did not say they arrived in London: "Angelina Jolie and family are spotted arriving to London Heathrow Airport. The 42 year old actress was dressed in a black wool coat, dark grey top, black skirt, and black boots. Jolie was seen being helped by an airport worker unloading a Louis Vuitton suitcase from the back of a luxury car at curbside.The tabloids, as they are wont to do, twisted it in order to come up with a more attention-grabbing story.  

- They are traveling light.  Just three rollaboards.

- She was shopping in Beverly Hills this past Sunday, May 13.  If she flew out right after, they would have been in London for 3 days. 

- Evidently, the children including Maddox and Pax are OK with being left alone under Brad's care for a few days and Angelina is confident everything will be fine while she is away and occupied with work.

- This may have been the final test to satisfy the therapists and the evaluator that they've achieved full recovery and reunification.  They've successfully completed the process.  The family is now healthy.  Their family life is back to pre-September 2016 and they are ready to fully resume their normal routines.  She is ready to start filming and Brad is ready to take over looking after the children.

- The therapists and the evaluator could then clear the way for the Custody Stipulation to be set aside.  Recall that it was the children's therapists who had "encouraged" them to accept and sign the Custody Stipulation which outlined the therapeutic process and incorporated recommendations from the DCFS.  The Stipulation was drafted and signed into an Order under the Petition, which thus compelled them to keep the Petition in place even after the DCFS ended its investigation.

-  As noted previously, once they move to the U.K. and Maleficent 2 starts filming, the Stipulation becomes impracticable.

- They would need to file an S&O to set aside the Custody Stipulation.  Once that is granted they would need another S&O and a Request to have the Petition dismissed.

- The whole family has been hanging around in L.A. possibly to be accessible to the therapists and the evaluator as they prepare their final reports.

To recap, sightings since late March were all in L.A. except the last in Heathrow:

March 27, Tuesday - A and V leave her martial arts class
April 7, Saturday to mid/late-April - B at a concert, LACMA, Dodgers, Breitling and twice at an indoor carpark
April 8,  Sunday - A at a grocery in Beverly Hills
April 24, Tuesday  - A and kids seen at H&M in L.A.
May 6, Sunday - A, Z, S, K and V at the Museum of Tolerance, and B at Winchell's Donuts
May 9, Wednesday - B at a soundbath at Marciano Art Foundation in L.A.
May 12, Saturday - A and P lunch at il Cielo in Beverly Hills
May 13, Sunday - A, P and Z shop at BAPE in West Hollywood
May 14, Monday - M driving in Los Feliz
May 16, Wednesday - B at U2 concert in Ingelwood
May 17, Thursday - A, S and K flying out of London

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