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05/30/2018 Stipulation and Order - No Fee
Filed by Respondent
Unlike the previous S&Os, there is no description of what this S&O is about.  And no fee charged.

The LA Court's schedule of fees only lists "Stipulation that does not require an Order" as "No fee."  What was filed is a Stipulation and Order.  It would qualify as an S&O not requiring a hearing but those have a $20 fee. 

As discussed previously, if the therapists and the evaluator have determined that Brad and the children have successfully completed the therapeutic process, then there in no longer any need for the Stipulation Re Custody and Therapy.  The stipulation was an agreement legally binding them to follow the outlined therapeutic process that incorporated recommendations by the DCFS.  Wasser filed the Custody Stipulation in court for enforcement purposes when Brad was insisting on nontherapeutic visits that the children's therapists had already informed him the children were not yet ready for.  It thus became mandatory and enforceable by the court. After they returned from Crested Butte, they were able to hire Judge Ouderkirk, who does not have the power to enforce the stipulation.

An S&O is an agreement signed by both of them to jointly ask the court for an Order.  In this case they would be requesting the court to set aside its previous Order that made compliance with the Custody Stipulation mandatory. 

Once Judge Ouderkirk signs the Order setting aside the custody stipulation, the next step for them is to file a Request for Dismissal which is a simple form CIV-110 but also needs a stipulation because Brad filed a Response.  This is a stipulation that does not require an order, and no fee.

- Their last two filings, both S&Os which either of them could have filed, were both filed by Brad -- which means he is paying Lance Spiegel's billable hours to prepare and file them. As noted previously, the S&O to extend Judge Ouderkirk's appointment includes a provision that hints that Brad is shouldering all costs associated with the Petition and reimbursing Angelina for whatever she had spent.

Each party shall advance one-half of the cost of the Temporary Judge's services, including the Temporary Judge's fees, administrative costs and costs for court reporting services, for any hearing or trial over which the Temporary Judge presides, subject to reallocation by the Temporary Judge, who is specifically authorized to order either party to pay attorney fees and costs incurred in connection with any matter presented to him.

We also learned from the cover of the S&O that Gary Fishbein is no longer one of Brad's attorneys.  Brad had reduced his legal team. 

- The case's 20-odd hour disappearance from the court site is a mystery.  It has never happened before with all the previous updates.  But logically, any important development should be announced by them ahead of it being seen on the court site.

- Looking again at Angelina's rings on her left index and ring fingers, while what is on her index finger is unmistakably a band, possibly one of her diamond wedding bands, the one that is on her ring finger is harder to make out.   The one on her right hand looks like a prop but with this one it is hard to tell.  It seems to have a prong.  She may have switched the two rings on her left hand for the photo.  😀

- The People article has nothing new, it just repeats word for word that all six are with her in London.  It again avoids any mention of the divorce filing.  It's basically the previous story just repackaged with a different headline.

- People is far from perfect but it is the only tabloid they've communicated with, albeit handing them just tiny morsels of info.  We'll have to wait for them to chat with Mary Green for anything more substantial. Stories in all the other tabloids are pure fabrications, they have absolutely no access to any legitimate source.  No bonafide source will ever talk about them.  Pondering tabloid concoctions is thus a total waste of time. 

- This matter has been referenced a few times by some fans so I will address this one tabloid story.

The S&O to extend Judge Ouderkirk's appointment specifically states that:  "The place of any hearing or trial shall be determined by the Temporary Judge, and at the discretion of the Temporary Judge, appearance may be made telephonically."  In other words, it is not necessary for them to meet and matters could be attended to on the phone.  The Judge's office was also not specifically named as a site for any meetings.  Most standard drafts for an S&O to appoint a temporary judge specify one physical location and do not mention the option of telephonic appearance. 

Judge Ouderkirk's office is in a complex of two identical buildings covering a total of 46 floors.  ALL such office buildings have tight security.  The paps would not be able follow Brad inside or even hang around in the lobby.  They could not know what floor he visited much less which office -- which is why no such info accompanied the photos and there are no photos inside the complex.  It is simple common sense that it is impossible for an observer waiting outside to know what Brad was doing inside from watching him exiting the building.

A bottom-feeding tabloid saw an opportunity when it saw the exterior photos to concoct a typically bogus story which unfortunately some fans bought, despite knowing that no bonafide insider will ever divulge anything about them to anyone, much less to one of the most discredited tabloids

Bottom feeding tabloids engage almost exclusively in garbage fabrication.  Reading trash is not only a waste of time, it addles the brain.  Which is perhaps why common sense and logic is not so common among tabloid readers.  Reading second hand garbage is an even bigger waste of time because it includes strained explanations of why the garbage is not garbage and is the exception to the garbage producer's normal garbage output.  🙄  I place people who promote idiotic garbage in the same category as trolls -- I automatically delete all their subsequent comments unread.  Life is too short. 

-- Fussy


One of two towers in the business complex where Judge' Ouderkirk's office is located.


It’s a family affair on the set of Disney’s Maleficent 2!
Angelina Jolie made her return to acting earlier this month when production began on Maleficent 2 with her kids joining her on the London family friendly set.
Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara 13, Shiloh, 12, and 9-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne are all on set with their famous mom and continuing their school work in a designated trailer.
Elle Fanning, who is returning as Princess Aurora, broke the news on her Instagram that she had reunited with Jolie after the 2014 movie raked in more than more than $750 million worldwide.
Disney also announced that Michelle Pfeiffer is joining the live-action sequel as Queen Ingrith, setting up some epic scenes between her and Jolie’s dark fairy, Maleficent.
The sequel picks up a few years after the first movie’s events and follows Maleficent and Aurora as they work together to protect the realm and all its creatures.
Jolie previously teased she would be returning to her old role in September 2017 and even gave insight at a Toronto International Film Festival discussion of her career that month on how she perfected the character’s chilling voice. The original movie featured the sweet appearance of her youngest daughter Vivienne as a young Sleeping Beauty.
“When I knew I was going to Maleficent I thought, ‘I have to train, I’m not good enough. I’m not ready,’ ” she said. “The accent and everything about her was discovered when I was giving my kids baths. I think I tried 17 different things on them. They would say, ‘What are you doing? Mom, stop talking so weird.’ One day I just got really nutty and did [the voice] and they fell over laughing. I did it all night long and I finally found it.”
Jolie’s return to the live-action Disney villainess marks her first onscreen appearance since her 2015 role in By the Sea. The actress and activist has kept busy since with her humanitarian work and directing 2017’s First They Killed My Father. She’s also executive produced movies like the Oscar-nominated animated film The Breadwinner.


  1. Fussy here are some LA County Court Fee lists,makes you wonder which one applies to this current filing of S&O no fee?.

  2. Fussy,

    Published June 1, 2018 at 05:11PM
    Tuolumne tribe helps finance biopic of Native American sports icon

    The Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians is breaking into Hollywood and joining forces with actress Angelina Jolie to produce a film about the life of legendary Native American athlete Jim Thorpe.

    Kevin Day, chairman of the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians, said the tribe was one of the first to invest in the project back in 2015 after speaking with Thorpe’s family, including his son, Bill, who expressed their support.

    “We think it’s a true story being told and that was verified by his son and family members, so we liked that idea,” Day said.

    The film, titled “Bright Path: The Jim Thorpe Story,” follows the life of the world-renowned athlete and member of the Sac and Fox Nation who won two Olympic gold medals representing the United States in 1912 pentathlon and decathlon.

    Thorpe later played six seasons of Major League Baseball after being signed by the New York Giants in 1913. He also played for six teams in the National Football League. He was recognized by the Associated Press as the greatest athlete from the first half of the 20th century.

    Many of Thorpe’s accomplishments in sports occurred while his citizenship went unrecognized because he was Native American during a time of severe racial inequality in the United States.

    “We understand Jim Thorpe and what he went through,” Day said. “We wanted the real story, and we think this is going to be it.”

    Day said the team involved with the film is close to acquiring all of the funding needed to start production, which he believes will happen soon. They’ve talked about filming location in Canada and California, though Day said not in Tuolumne County.

    In addition to Jolie, who was announced as a producer earlier this month, the team includes Todd Black, producer of the Academy Award-nominated 2016 film “Fences,” Steve Tisch of Escape Artists Productions, which has produced films starring Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Nicholas Cage, and producer Abraham Taylor.

    Martin Sensmeier, who starred as Red Harvest in the 2016 remake of “The Magnificent Seven,” will executive produce and star as Thorpe in the film.

    Other American Indian tribes that are helping to finance the film include the Mohegan Tribe, Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, Tonto Apache Tribe, and the Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria.

    Day said he first heard about the project from Rick Hill, former chairman of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin, who spoke about it at a meeting of the Central California Tribal Chairmen’s Association that he was attending.

    There are several representatives consulting with the tribe behind the scenes. Day said he believes Thorpe’s son wants the tribes involved “at every level” of the production.

    This doesn’t mean the tribe plans to get involved with future Hollywood productions, however.

    “I think this might be a one-time deal, unless the right opportunity came along,” Day said. “We’re not in the movie business, if you will.”

    The tribe owns and operates Black Oak Casino Resort in Tuolumne, which originally opened in 2001 as a casino and re-opened as the resort in 2005. It purchased the Tuolumne Rancheria in 1910 and now has more than 2,000 fee and trust acres.

    Contact Alex MacLean at or (209) 588-4530.

  3. Fussy - Part One

    Mother Lode Tribe Shares Update Of Upcoming Jim Thorpe Biopic 06/01/2018 5:15 pm PST Tori James, MML News Reporter
    Tuolumne, CA — Me-Wuk Tribal Chairman Kevin Day shares with a lead actor cast and Angelina Jolie onboard among the producers, a feature film the tribe is backing will help bring the true story of legendary Native American athlete Jim Thorpe to movie audiences in the coming months.

    Day, who also chairs the Central California Tribal Chairpersons’ Association of 61 tribes, recounts that it was back in 2015 that the group first learned of the project being promoted by Pictureworks Entertainment. As reported here, after doing some months of due diligence, the Tuolumne Band of We-Wuk Indians announced that it would be among the financial backers of the film titled Bright Path The Jim Thorpe Story.

    “We decided to invest in the venture — we liked the story and we were the first tribe in the U.S. to invest to make sure the story was told properly,” Day confides. He admits feeling very humbled when some other tribes after doing their own due diligence, followed suit. “It made me kind of proud that they saw Tuolumne investing in it…believing in it…it made us pretty proud that we were solid enough to do this and they had their faith in us,” he recalls.

    Speaking in more detail with Clarke Broadcasting about recent developments, Day says that planned shooting locations include Canada and Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where Thorpe attended school ahead of emerging as an international figure by winning Gold Medals in the 1912 Olympics for the pentathlon and decathlon. Thorpe famously went on to play Major league Baseball and pro football and served as president of the organization that became the National Football League.

  4. Fussy - Part 2

    Mother Lode Tribe Shares Update Of Upcoming Jim Thorpe Biopic

    “It really means a lot to have a Native American athlete of that caliber, and what he did it was just amazing and something to be proud of, a hero,” Day emphasizes. He adds, “There were not a lot of young Indian children back in my day that did not know about or look up to Jim Thorpe — I did — and wanted to be Jim Thorpe or just like him.”

    Hollywood Stars Onboard

    As for Jolie’s involvement, Day says, “She bought into the story…just like us and Jim Thorpe’s family, we believed in these guys that the truth was going to be told about the [life] story.” Asked if the tribe has met with her yet he says a meet and greet is planned in a few weeks. Day adds that excitement continues to build over the project with the casting of actor Martin Sensmier, who starred in the 2016 The Magnificent Seven reboot and is an Alaskan Native.

    In the months ahead, due to the tribe’s involvement, Day says that possible developments might include some of the tribal members having the opportunity to be cast as extras. “We will see what the needs are and if any of the tribal members fit some of the categories they are looking for.” he explains, adding that the producers have also indicated if there are any good fits they are open to doing some potential shooting in Tuolumne County.

    Asked if the movie industry was a possible new investment channel for the tribe, Day chuckles. “It is probably something we are not going to get in the habit of doing. It just kind of glided into our lap and we think it was something worthwhile — and through the eyes of a Native American we think the story should be told.”

    Illuminating further, he adds, “You know, we have met with Jim Thorpe’s son Bill and some of their family members and they were supportive of it because it was going to be truthful and that is really one of the main reasons…without their consent I am not sure that we would have done it.”

    Giving enormous credit to Pictureworks, Day comments, “The group we are working with are tough…smart and they know what they are doing…they are really good about listening to us and the other tribes and Jim Thorpe’s family.” While the movie will ultimately be ready when it is ready without putting himself too far out on a limb, he happily confides, “I would venture to say that it will be less than two years.”


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