Thursday, May 24, 2018

One of Skrein's next projects is the anticipated sequel to Disney's "Maleficent," where he'll reportedly play a villain -- once again -- opposite Angelina Jolie and one very impressive cast.

Though details about the film are still pretty scarce, Skrein is ready to get started.

"I'm so excited and honored and humbled to be part of such an amazing cast, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Elle Fanning, these are people that I'm huge fans of their works and have so much respect for them and am very much looking forward to working with them, learning from them and growing as an actor through working with them," he said. "I've been in prep for the last couple of weeks and seeing the sets, they're phenomenal and it's just really exciting to be a part of."

'Maleficent 2' Star Ed Skrein Talks 'High Caliber' Sequel With Michelle Pfeiffer & Angelina Jolie (Exclusive)

Maleficent 2, the long-awaited sequel to Disney's 2014 hit based on Sleeping Beauty, will not disappoint, according to one of the movie's actors.

At the In Darkness premiere on Wednesday — which hits theaters and OnDemand on May 25 — Ed Skrein exclusively dished to ET's Ash Crossan about what it was like working with the sequel's A-list stars, Angelina Jolie and Michelle Pfeiffer.

"I mean, all you want to do is work with people that can improve you as an actor. People that you respect, and, you know, Angelina, Michelle Pfeiffer, this is a phenomenal cast," the 35-year-old actor said in praise of the movie. "People that I respect and [have] been watching for years and have a human respect for as well as a professional respect."

Along with Jolie starring in the titular role of Maleficent and Pfiffer playing Queen Ingris, Jenn Murray, Elle Fanning and Chiwetel Ejiofor are all set to star in the film.

In addition to the great cast, Skrein was excited for the film because it's a little more family-friendly than his typical role.

"It's Disney man. It's great fun," Skrein said. "Its finally something that my nieces and nephews and my children can enjoy and watch instead of this fool mouth, dark, stuff that I usually do."

His dark streak continues with his role In Darkness, which is about a blind musician who hears a murder in the apartment upstairs.

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