Friday, May 25, 2018

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Information on IMDb on films that have not yet been released are notoriously unreliable.  Almost anyone can submit info and no one apparently verifies them.  They've had Maleficent 2 filming since May 7 based on Elle Fanning's tweet that rehearsals had started. (?!)  From Ed Skrein's comments just the other day, we know they are still doing prep.   IMDB also has OUATIH filming since May 14 but without indicating the source for the info.  I haven't come across any news update that filming has started.  The start of production for big films, esp. one as star-studded as this, is normally announced by the studio with much fanfare. 

While I consider the IMDb info unreliable as well as unlikely, hypothetically, it is possible that Brad is filming while Angelina is rehearsing.  They had a similar setup while she was doing Unbroken in Australia and he had Fury in the U.K.   Brad may have asked for such a schedule so that he can finish a substantial portion of his scenes early before Angelina starts filming.

The critical focus of the therapists and the evaluator now is on how the children feel and fare alone with Brad while Angelina is away.  Angelina has been shuttling back and forth for at least 3 weeks, possibly more -- enough time for the therapists and the evaluator to be confident in their conclusions.

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Jim Jefferies has a secret to tell about Brad Pitt. The movie actor has shown up several times on Comedy Central’s “The Jim Jefferies Show” as its unofficial weatherman, casually sharing the horrors of climate change. But here’s the truth: Pitt hasn’t dropped by in a year.

“This is the one that went viral, even though it was recorded a year ago,” Jefferies said of a recent Brad Pitt segment. The show had leftover footage of Brad doing a LeBron James joke, which felt timely because of the NBA playoffs. Slayer guitarist Kerry King happened to be on set, so they put him in front of a green screen, and it looked like the musician was a fan trying to talk to him.
“And then Gayle King is on the news going, ‘Wow, Brad Pitt must really love Jim Jefferies, he’s back on the show!’ I should be lying and saying he came back in,” Jefferies said.

But the truth may be even more interesting: Even though “The Jim Jefferies Show” is finding old, unused footage of Brad Pitt to keep the gag going, the relationship is real. Pitt was a fan of Jefferies’ FX series “Legit,” and came in twice to record bits for his Comedy Central show. “He also recorded a whole heap of stuff just on the phone,” Jefferies said. “Sometimes it will be the middle of the night and I’ll get a text message from Brad Pitt, and it would be him in Venice on a canal, doing his own script and everything.”

Jefferies said he might still find more on the cutting room floor to keep having Pitt on, “or I might be ballsy enough to text him in a few days and ask him… but I feel like leaving him alone now, I think he’s done enough. He was just super nice and asked to do the show. He liked my standup. I think possibly after he met me he was less enamored.”

For many Americans, Australian comic Jim Jefferies first came across their radar a few years ago due to a viral clip of his biting stand up routine on gun violence and reform, written after the massacre of little children in Newtown, Conn. Others may have gotten to know him through his FX comedy “Legit” or from his regular stand up gigs around the world.

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