Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Monday, May 14

Maddox driving a Toyota Tacoma pickup with it looks like Darren beside him, in Los Feliz entering Laughlin Park.


Laughlin Park, Franklin entrance

Random Fuzzy

- So far in May:

May 6, Sunday - A, Z, S, K and V at the Museum of Tolerance, and B at Winchell's Donuts in Hollywood
May 7, Monday - A's Bright Star: The Jim Thorpe Story announced
May 9, Wednesday - B at a soundbath at Marciano Art Foundation in L.A.
May 12, Saturday - A and P lunch at il Cielo in Beverly Hills
May 13, Sunday - A, P and Z shop at BAPE in West Hollywood
May 14, Monday - M driving in Los Feliz
May 16, Wednesday - B at U2 concert in Ingelwood

- The whole family has been seen out and about in Los Angeles over the past several days.  A sudden burst of public activity after a quiet April when there were just a few sightings and Instagram posts and only B was papped -- twice at an indoor parking garage.  All in L.A.

- The paps are obviously staking out the entrances to Laughlin Park from a vantage point across the street.  They evidently know the family is in town.  Up til the middle of last year they were able to trespass at will in Laughlin Park and took several  photos right next to the DeMille.  But security has since been tightened at the entrances and CCTV warning signs are now posted at the gates -- which have proven effective at deterring trespassers. 

- She has two films in Pinewood but there have been no photos of her in the U.K.

- This week five years ago, her op-ed revealing she had a double mastectomy was published.

-- Fussy

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