Wednesday, May 30, 2018

I suppose Angelina will get a similar one in a few days.

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A cabinet designed by Brad Pitt. The piece was conceived as islands in an archipelago. Brad was intrigued by the natural color spectrum available in amboyna burl, especially the sapwood, which creates the ocean areas. There is a hand hammered bronze base detail. The islands are comprised of the orange toned heartwood. Each mating piece of this abstract marquetry pattern is hand cut with a jeweler's saw. We never use computer controlled machinery. Pollaro. Genuine hand craftsmanship. . . . . . . #artfurniture #functionalart #ultraluxury #exteriorfurniture #yachtdesign #superyacht #interiordesign #luxuryinteriors #luxuryarchitecture #pitt_pollaro . . . . . #hermes #chanel #ferarri #porsche #cartier #rollsroyce #mercedesbenz #louisvuitton #bmw #bentley #tiffanyandco #moetchandon #maserati #domainedelaromaneeconti #christies #sothebys #forbes
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The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Honourable Pohamba Penomwenyo Shifeta, paid a visit to the N/a’an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary this past weekend, home of the N/a’an ku sê Foundation ( The Honourable Minister thoroughly enjoyed an all-round tour of the sanctuary, and expressed his admiration of the vital work N/a'an ku sê carries out to benefit wildlife and the marginalized San community in Namibia. The itinerary was nothing short of action-packed, with the release of two elephants onto the new N/a’an ku sê reserve of 9500 ha, a visit to both the Clever Cubs School and our newly-refurbished veterinary clinic forming just a small part of a weekend enjoyed by all. Other main highlights included a visit to the Shiloh Wildlife Sanctuary (a facility catering to the needs of rhinos and elephants injured in poaching attempts in Namibia), and an interview by N/a’an ku sê founders Dr. Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren, for the popular local television series Wild Jobs Namibia. With his affinity for and knowledge of animals, the minister also embraced the opportunity to get to know our cheeky chacma baboons. N/a'an ku sê is proud to have hosted the Honourable Minister and looks forward to doing so in the future. #naankuse #volunteer #wildlife #chacmababoons #elephants #conservation #sanbushman #clevercubsschool #veterinaryclinic #namibia #africa #MET
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Thanks Pride&Joy and Felicity

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