Thursday, April 19, 2018

Random Fuzzy

- The Playlist may know that Fincher is committed to Mindhunter season 2, but it is obviously relying on tabloid info when it also wrote:
Not that it matters because the script isn’t quite there, but Brad Pitt‘s schedule can be something of an issue too. He’s U.S. bound for the next little while until his custody battles are sorted out (hence staying home in L.A. to shoot Quentin Tarantino‘s next ’70s, Hollywood-set movie this summer).

If Brad has to be US-bound because of "custody battles" for the "next little while," then the whole family has to be US-bound too.  Angelina would also have to stay home in L.A. and would not be able to film The One and Only Ivan and Maleficent 2 in the U.K. 

Under CA law, ATROs take effect once a Petition is filed that prevent either parent from removing the children from California.
Child custody laws in California are focused on the child’s best interest. That best interest involves, as much as reasonably possible, keeping stability in the child’s life. Children taken out of State or the United States, especially young ones, may become difficult to find if the parent wants to hide them. This can cause all kinds of problems including national or international child abduction issues and the involvement of domestic and foreign courts or law enforcement. The ATROs play it safe and tell both parents it is a violation of a court order to take them.

They evidently quickly obtained a court order lifting the ATROs which allowed them to travel to Crested Butte in December 2016.  And they have been traveling ever since, not just out of California, but out of the U.S. --- they have been photographed in Cambodia, London, Namibia, Paris, Toronto, Jordan, and Brussels.  And Brad has been photographed in Paris, Miraval, the UK, Berlin, and the Netherlands.  And these are just where they've been photographed.  Obviously, the entire family has not been US-bound at all.  There are no custody battles or any other battles.

This again illustrates the fact that they have a very tight and discreet circle surrounding them.  They don't discuss personal matters with people outside that circle and no one in that circle talks about them.  No One. At All. To Anyone.

- On WWZ 2, if the script really "isn't quite there" they would not be wasting time and money scouting locations in "Bilbao, Spain, Sweden, Texas and other locales around the world."  If they don't have a script that is close to being ready, they can't know what locations would best suit it.  Fincher may have committed to Mindhunter, and that is all the Playlist really knows.

- It is easy to tell when what is written is garbage.  In the case of  MIT professor, the Page Six report was already clear: there is no story.  She has been dating the billionaire before and after she met Brad at the MIT lab.  They've additionally denied it twice.  Tabloids are ignoring the denial because perpetuating the story and fabricating titillating stories gets clicks.  Trash producers and their receptacles are well known.  Fans that click on garbage encourage garbage production.  Garbage consumption is a choice

-- Fussy



‘World War Z 2’ Not Shooting This Fall; David Fincher’s ‘Mindhunter’ Season 2 Is Next
The untitled “World War Z” sequel draft is still in development and apparently not ready quite yet, but some scouting has taken place in Bilbao, Spain, Sweden, Texas and other locales around the world. Fincher will be occupied with “Mindhunter” throughout the summer and into the fall with post-production, so you can put away those hopes of a “World War Z” follow-up going into production any time soon.

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