Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Random Fuzzy

I always take lone tweets by random users with a grain of salt.  There are too often obvious issues with credibility and plausibility -- so much so that I don't consider them reliable at all.  This one below however is not from a random user.  Simon Curtis is a verified user with more on his plate to occupy his time than making up imaginary celebrity sightings.  He previously posted seeing Angelina at Urban Outfitters and while he didn't take a photo, other shoppers did.  If nothing else, it established that he's in the general neighborhood. 

While I haven't seen other posts confirming their H&M shopping trip, I also don't see any reason to doubt Curtis' credibility.  We can't be certain without a photo but it's certainly possible they are in L.A. and she and some kids went shopping at H&M.

It's a 10-hour flight from London to L.A. for them.  Her voice work on Ivan is not demanding. It's a Disney production and while she's a producer, another experienced Disney producer is also working on it.  She has time on her hands until Maleficent 2 starts filming.

As we noted previously, there could be a number of things they need to attend to in L.A.

Where in the world.......

-- Fussy


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  1. The Biggest Influencer of All?
    At Everlane, there are more than 20,000 people on a wait list for the tote she carried, according to the company. When Michael Preysman, the Everlane founder and chief executive, was asked to come up with an equivalent celebrity, he said: “Angelina Jolie.”



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