Sunday, April 1, 2018


9 Ways Guerlain Is Leading The Beauty World Toward Sustainability

Guerlain doesn’t just want to help women look good—they also want them to feel good about the process. That’s why the historic French perfume, makeup and skincare house, which celebrates its 190th anniversary this year, has been dedicated to their eco initiatives for the last decade. “I think sustainability is the responsibility of everyone—civilians and companies,” says Guerlain CEO Laurent Boillot. “I will say to my teams that we are not going to save the planet ourselves, but we are going to do a little more than our part. Companies choose where they can be better; biodiversity is so important for us because it’s not only about taking the flowers and honey—we are giving back more than we take and leaving to the next generation more than we received.” Boillot shares how Guerlain is going green by…

Perfumer Thierry Wasser at the fields where lavender is harvested for Mon Guerlain Florale in La Drôme, France

…partnering with people who share their values. Guerlain recently launched a campaign with Angelina Jolie. “She’s quite an engaged person on violence against women,” Boillot says. “When I met her we spoke a lot about how she likes that we are sustainable. She has awareness and a big voice. She told me a really emotional story about her mother using a Guerlain powder with a beautiful scent… (The next time) I came with all the powders, she smelled one of them and said, ‘wow, that’s my mom.’ Sometimes there is synchronicity; we have a natural fit.”

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    Angelina Jolie took on the title tole, proving to be the best possible choice.

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    No other star could have so perfectly captured the light beneath the immense darkness.


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