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This spring, the French house Guerlain launches a new, floral version of the Mon Guerlain fragrance with jasmine notes. Vogue spent one day in Paris with the face of the brand Angelina Jolie and talked about raising children, favorite smells, memories and life credo. Read in the April issue. / #AngelinaJolie talks new #MonGuerlain perfume, raising children and charity in #AprilVogue - on sale now! Photo: @mathieucesar for @guerlain

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March 13


  1. joliepittsofficialNew! Angelina with Knox in Las Vegas, March

  2. More clearer pic sof Angelina and Knox in Vagas, if you click on the pic. Looks like the 3 girls infront of her just recognized her LOL

  3. Daniel Prigge is a 2 time Purple Heart Recipient, Army Retired Owner of Max Muscle Green Bay Telling my story to others!

    priggedaniel 2 days ago
    On a medevac plane flying from Germany to Bethesda Maryland to stay at Walter Reid Medical center I had the pleasure of meeting Angelina Jolie! She was very humble and caring about everything that was going on in my life! One of the sweetest celebrities I've had a pleasure to meet!

    paulina_girl Did you met her in Germany? 😍

    priggedaniel@paulina_girl yes I did

    paulina_girl oh my god! When and where??

    priggedaniel@paulina_girl landstuhl 2011

  4. pollaro_inc 8HOURS AGO
    One of the most beautiful moments of having young children is leading them to the magical and immaculate architecture of Walt Disney. Still utterly spectacular all these years later. #waltdisney

  5. Statement by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie on the Seventh Anniversary of the start of the Syrian Crisis
    15 March 2018 | عربي

    “Today we mark another shameful milestone in the man-made tragedy that is the Syria conflict.

    This is a war that has been waged almost exclusively against civilians, who have been bombed, gassed, besieged, starved, tortured and displaced, for seven interminable years, in the full gaze of the world. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives have been sacrificed to this senseless conflict.

    After seven years of war and atrocities we are beyond excuses. The Syrian refugees I have met are tired of empty promises and sympathetic statements, and rightly so. Everyone can see that the international community is not acting as it should, and that countries with influence in the conflict are putting their perceived interests ahead of international law and the rights of Syrian people, in a way that is nothing short of inhumane. We will be haunted in decades to come by our failure in Syria, as we are by other mass crimes of the recent past.

    My thoughts are with Syrian families, who have played no part in the conflict and whose homes, livelihoods and hopes have been destroyed, and with everyone working bravely to save life and alleviate suffering inside Syria, in unimaginably difficult circumstances.

    Until there is peace in Syria, we must stay the course in protecting those forced from their homes, wherever they are. This is the least that we can do.

    And I call again on the members of the United Nations Security Council acting with other nations to address the roots of the conflict – demanding not only a ceasefire and a diplomatic path out of the crisis, but justice and accountability for monstrous human rights violations committed against the Syrian people.”

    Notes to editors:

    6.1 million people have been forced from their homes inside Syria and 5.6 million refugees have sought safety beyond Syria’s borders.
    The conditions faced by civilians inside Syria are worse than ever, with more than two thirds now languishing in extreme poverty. Nine out of ten Syrian families spend more than half of their income on food. The price of food has increased eightfold since the start of the war. Millions of people require urgent assistance.
    The conditions for millions of Syrians in exile grow more desperate, with the vast majority living below the poverty line. More than three quarters of refugees in urban areas of Jordan and Lebanon are unable to meet their basic food, shelter, health or education needs.
    Many of Syria’s children know nothing but war, exile and hardship. Out of 1.7 million school-aged Syrian refugees, nearly half are still out of school.
    In order to meet massive humanitarian needs both inside Syria and in neighboring countries, an increase in support and solidarity by the donor community is urgently required.

  6. A very good Interview I was unable to post whole due to word counts

    With INSTYLE Magazine:Angelina Jolie Once Colored Her Hair with a Sharpie

  7. The girl who recognized Angelina has tweeted
    flo@FL0REYA Mar 14
    angelina jolie walking behind me has me SCALPED

  8. Perfumer Thierry Wasser Created Mon Guerlain Florale After Meeting Angelina Jolie
    By Lesa Hannah Date March 15, 2018

    Back in 2015, Guerlain’s president Laurent Boillot took a sample of Mon Guerlain, a fragrance which had yet to be released, to Cambodia to meet Angelina Jolie in the hopes of signing her as the face. “She trashed the bottle,” Guerlain’s in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser recalls—which at the time was a remake of a 1920’s bottle shaped like a bowtie—but she liked the scent. “I was saved,” he says. Yet Jolie didn’t just want to be a face, she wanted to a be a partner. She requested involvement with packaging, communication and of course, the bottle, and as history reveals, she got it. “I think I tap danced for two days,” Wasser recalls of his reaction to Jolie’s official commitment.

    Wasser got the chance to meet her and since he’d never met a Hollywood celebrity before, wasn’t sure to expect. He found her to be extremely focused and present. “Very often you meet people and they’re…texting,” he says. “You can feel that they’re not there. She was nothing like that.” Wasser talked to her about her work with the United Nations and the various causes she fights for such as women’s rights and children’s education, and he shared how he helps the emancipation of women in areas where he sources fragrance ingredients such as India, Africa and Latin America. “We had common ground in our conversations and eventually a bond was created.” That’s what led to his next creation, Mon Guerlain Florale.

    The flanker, which launched on March 1st, features a higher concentration of jasmine sambac than the original. On Wasser’s sourcing trips to India, he’d see the tiny white flower used in necklaces and offered at temples, festivals and weddings. “The flower has a social skill that’s very interesting to me,” he says. “When I met Madame Jolie, the strength and the feeling that was diffusing out of her led me to make an overdose of this wonderful flower.” Lavender, sandalwood and vanilla still figure in the formula but in different proportions. He compares the experience of both scents to music. “It’s the same sound but with a different orchestration. You recognize the musical theme of Mon Guerlain but the colour and texture is rather different.”

  9. Fragrance News: Angelina For Mon Guerlain Florale
    When Gueralin announced Angelina Jolie as the new face of their brand in 2017 I could not have been more excited. Angelina has been one of my biggest beauty muses since I was a teenager, and I had always wished she would step into the beauty world.

    The Parisian beauty brand felt like a perfect fit and the first campaign for the Mon Guerlain perfume was just as exquisite as one would expect. After finding great success with Angelina fronting their fragrance, Guerlain has now released a brand new Mon scent just in time for spring. Florale is said to be inspired by Jolie herself, exuding “subtle, elusive and desirable femininity”. If that doesn’t sound like the mother, actress/director, and philanthropist then I don’t know what does.

    What makes Angelina an even more beautiful brand ambassador is the fact that she choose to not profit from this union.

    Her entire Guerlain salary will be donated to the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, a Cambodia-focused environmental charity.

    The fragrance’s bottle was designed by Gabriel Guerlain in 1908, and is laced with inviting hints of Sambac jasmine, Carla lavender, peony and vanilla. Both 1.6oz and 3.4oz bottles are available now ranging from $90-$124

  10. Video of Angelina with Vivian and Zee from Saturday or Sunday?
    EXCLUSIVE* Angelina Jolie goes Sunday shopping with her kids in Studio City, CA


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