Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Whole Foods and Home Depot, Tuesday, March 20

dailymail - "at a Whole Foods in the Los Angeles area Tuesday, March 20
The trio spent some time in the cereal aisle, as they picked out oatmeal."

E - "Spotted inside their cart: two boxes of two different kinds of oatmeal—plain 365 (store brand) Organic Oatmeal and maple brown sugar-flavored Nature's Path, plus a package of Brussels sprouts and a container of 365 applesauce."

Home Depot

Thanks Pride&Joy

Random Fuzzy

- A white Ford Explorer.  They've also been seen using Black and Metallic Grey Ford Explorers.  All probably short-term leases.  Other than Brad's Teslas most of the vehicles in their fleet are probably leases. 

- Maleficent 2 will reportedly start filming April 16 in London.  They should be heading over within the next 2 weeks since she presumably will still need to do meetings and rehearsals.

- She also has voice work for The One and Only Ivan which she is producing.  A big part of her work as producer may have been to secure the cast after Allison Shearmur passed away.  Her voice work could be done quickly -- probably in a day as it was with Kung Fu Panda.

- Then Brad has OUATIH.  Reportedly slated to start filming in the Summer.  Maleficent 2 is expected to finish filming in August.   She is obviously the main character of Maleficent 2 and would be expected to be on set for most of the 4 months.  Brad's character, as the stunt double of Leo's character, may have a secondary role and his filming schedule may be more flexible.  OUATIH is scheduled for an August 9, 2019 release and Tarantino usually starts filming a year or less before so there should be little of no overlap.   They filmed simultaneously when he had Fury in London and she had Unbroken in Australia and they wrote to each other, but I think they'd like to avoid having to go through that again now.

- They are back to their full, normal, packed schedules.

- The London suburbs isn't Malta but they'll be harder for paparazzi to follow than in Los Feliz.

- There are a few pieces of jewelry that she has frequently worn: the diamond ring with baguettes forming rays around an oval cut center, the round solo diamond pendant necklace, the infinity-type ring, various bands, and a charm bracelet.  Brad on the other hand has not worn any jewelry since September, 2016.  He used to be very fond of wearing rings before they got married.

She wore these often at important events.  They obviously have meaning and importance to her.  So looking at a simple interpretation: the ring is a stylized sun -- she is the sun; the bands and the infinity ring are what they traditionally symbolize -- never-ending love and commitment.  His gifts to her.

-  She told THR back in September, "Cleopatra, there is a script" and David Scarpa who wrote the current version said in December:

“Everybody I think who had ever tried to do Cleopatra prior had done it as this prestige-y picture, which is like three hours long and people speaking in English accents and fans blowing and big sets and all that. Very glossy and important and dull, and my attitude was well let’s take that prestige picture and just blow it up. I really got into what that world was like at the time, which was dirty and grungy. I came in and said, ‘Let’s do this as Costa-GavrasZ. Let’s do it as a political thriller.’ A lot of Cleopatra’s life revolved around the fall of the Roman republic, which revolved around the assassination of Caesar and the aftermath of that and how the entire world kind of fell apart and came back together again. And she was really central to that.”

“So the idea is we’re not making the big bloated 3-hour movie, we’re making the tight, dirty, fast 2-hour movie, that was very sort of visceral. And also what was really interesting was there have been so many narratives of Cleopatra that have all been framed through the eyes of men. The entire history of that period is framed through the eyes of men, specifically Roman men. And the idea was we’re gonna approach it through her point of view. We’re going to assume that the narratives that have been created by the Roman writers of the time were slanted, and we’re going to unskew them. So it gave us an opportunity to approach history in a radical way as well.”

“Basically Denis Villeneuve has expressed an interest in directing the movie. I haven’t talked a lot to him—he was off doing Blade Runner and press for Blade Runner—so I have honestly very little knowledge into what his point of view on the movie is, and I’m sure he’s got one. But I’m interested to see what happens.”

It was expected that Villenueve would next tackle Dune and would continue to develop Cleopatra while making Dune.  Villeneuve recently said “Dune will probably take two years to make. The goal is to make two films, maybe more.”  But it doesn't yet have a script, Cleopatra does.

 -- Fussy


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    Happy Ice is so grateful to have someone like Angelina Jolie (@angelinajolieofficial ) chose us over all the frozen desserts companies in LA. This is a surreal moment for us. With us being such young owners, family owned & only being opened 6 months. This was very inspiring for us. Thank you Angelina, Zahara & Vivienne we hope to see you again. #AngelinaJolie #HappyIceLA ☮️����

  2. Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron Join the First of the "Breitling Squads" #Baselworld2018
    Hollywood star Brad Pitt has just been announced as a member of the first Breitling squads, a new concept by the Swiss watch manufacture, gathering together recognized masters in their respective professions to represent the brand.

    Pitt is joined by Charlize Theron, Adam Driver and Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu as part of the Breitling Cinema Squad, the first of these ambassadors to be revealed at Baselworld 2018.

  3. Fussy more photos's from 20th March when Shiloh, Vivian and Knox went to the Home Depot. So custe seeing the girls helping putting the boxes in their SUV with their bodyguard.


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