Saturday, February 10, 2018

Vivienne and Oliver Crane after Karate class, Feb. 7, Tuesday

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  1. Angelina Jolie: "Beauty can be a form of power"
    On the occasion of 190 years of Guerlain, we met his muse, Angelina Jolie.
    We greet her Hollywood, black dress split, red lips. We find her without makeup, dressed in an Italian cashmere, in the wise costume of the role she has held for sixteen years, that of ambassador of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Her clear eyes stared, she smiled little; she is not here to seduce but to convince. "I clicked while traveling, I realized what was happening elsewhere, what I had never been taught before," she says to explain his first commitment, in 2001, in Sierra Leone. Since then she has been a regular at the refugee camps, to whom she has given much of her time and notoriety. "I am always struck by their dignity, their grace, their resilience. And I often wonder if, in these terrible circumstances, I would get there as well as they do. "

    His speech is cautious and diplomatic: "We must hope that politicians have a part of humanity in them and that philanthropists are not just guided by their hearts, but understand the system and the bureaucracy. Sovereign of the box office at the time of "Tomb Raider", the old Lara Croft is now the queen of compromise. This is what makes her angry: "When some leaders do not take things in hand. We will not know more. One of his fights is the prevention of sexual crimes in conflict; however, she refuses to comment on the Harvey Weinstein case, which she said was one of the victims. She also does not answer questions about her divorce from Brad Pitt. Like an elected, Angelina Jolie avoids the subjects who annoy her. And to make sure of this, she formed a political cabinet-like entourage of two English women, former advisers to William Hague, British Foreign Secretary. Arminka Helic, 49, and Chloe Dalton, 38, have replaced agents and press officers; they follow her everywhere, manage her image and her speeches.

    I raise my children to be proud of who they are

    The actress now abandons her first job to devote herself to that of director and producer. The central subject of his films is the war in Bosnia and Cambodia recently. "I would like to help filmmakers edit documentaries in countries where it's complicated. In Syria, for example. »A professional as well as a family commitment. She has adopted three of her six children in Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and walks her clan with teachers around the world, according to her humanitarian missions. "I raise them to be proud of who they are," she says. And I want them to understand that it is ignorance that causes rejection and discrimination. "

    To speak of the perfume of which she is the face, she remains on the same theme: "Femininity is important for war survivors, to regain their dignity. In this sense, beauty can be a form of power ... "In his hands, cards written by communicators of the illustrious French house. She takes a look and recovers: "I find the perfume sexy ... Some scents remind me of my mother or friends. It brings out my femininity. Scented, I feel more distinguished ... "Here she hesitates, then she smiles frankly:" Talking about beauty, it's really not my thing! "

  2. pollaro_inc hours ago
    As we approach spring, my thoughts turn to an upcoming live musical event in our Lignum Theatrum.
    Last year, we hosted Yoon Kwon on violin and Min Kwon on piano accompanied by the #harlemquartet which resulted in an incredibly magical evening. A violin resting on a table designed by Brad Pitt. .