Thursday, February 1, 2018

L.A. Feb 1, Thursday

Flight time for them from Paris to LA would be 11.5 hours

Westfield Fashion Square, Sherman Oaks


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There is a Jan. 31 tweet from a user who said she and her mom were alone together with the family in the first class cabin of a 12 hour flight to Paris.  It's certainly possible, but Angelina and the girls were in Zaatari Camp in Jordan on Jan 28 so that flight would have had to take place days earlier than her post.  There is nothing else in the user's recent tweets that indicate she was or is in Paris.

@refugees Goodwill Ambassador @miyavi_ishihara meets recently arrived #Rohingya refugee youngsters who fled #Myanmar at @unhcr_bgd Transit Centre. 【プレスリリース】UNHCR親善大使としてバングラデシュのロヒンギャ難民キャンプを訪問。 UNHCR親善大使のMIYAVIが初めてバングラデシュを訪問し、ミャンマーから避難してきたロヒンギャ難民の生活の様子を視察します。2017å¹´8月25日の衝突以降、バングラデシュに避難してきたロヒンギャ難民の数は68万8,000人を超えています。 今回は南東部のコックスバザールで、世界最大規模といわれる58万5,000人のロヒンギャが暮らす難民キャンプを訪問予定です。現地では難民との面会に加え、UNHCRがバングラデシュ政府の支援、他の関連団体との連携のもとで行っている支援現場を視察。難民の子どもたちの前での演奏も予定しています。 MIYAVIはこれまで自身のSNSなどを通じてUNHCRの活動について積極的に発信しており、ファンをはじめ多くの人に難民問題への関心を喚起してきました。なかでも難民の子どもたちに対する教育の必要性を訴えています。 「UNHCRの緊急支援を視察するのは初めてで、現場にどのような課題があるのかを知りたいと思っています。難民の方々から直接お話を聞くことはとても重要であり、彼らがどのような困難に直面しているのか、特に子どもたちが自身の生活をどのように向き合っているのかを、しっかりとこの目で見たいと思います」と決意を述べています。 コックスバザールでUNHCRの緊急支援を統括するケビン・アレンは、「UNHCRの活動を彼が発信してくれるようになり、若者たちを中心に、難民問題への関心が広がっているのを感じます。そういった意味においても、今回MIYAVIの訪問はとても意義深いことです」と話しています。 MIYAVI is a Japanese musician, actor and philanthropist who has gained international recognition and acclaim for his unique guitar style, using his fingers instead of a pick to create an elaborate sound both musically and rhythmically. He was appointed as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador in November 2017. In 2015 MIYAVI undertook his first visit to learn about UNHCR's frontline work, travelling to Lebanon and performing his song “The Others” with refugees he met there. The music video was released in 2016 - directed and produced by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and MIYAVI - featuring refugees from around the globe. MIYAVI visited Lebanon again in 2016 to learn more about refugees' experiences, as well as Thailand in 2017 to meet Karen refugees from Myanmar. MIYAVI has used his talent, voice and platform to help support various UNHCR campaigns, including With @refugees and the Nansen Refugee Award, at which he performed in 2017. ©︎ 2018 UNHCR_Tokyo @refugees @miyavi_ishihara ⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴⋆∴ #miyavi_ishihara #miyavi #samuraiguitarist #composer #artist #guitar #japanese #guitarist #live #dance #rockstar #unhcr
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  1. Fussy, here's other photos from angie, shiloh and zahara's outing.

  2. @fendiphetamine 8:51 AM - 31 Jan 2018
    i sat next to angelina jolie on a 12 hour flight and that bitch is flawless

    emely @miubby Jan 31
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    @fendiphetamine Jan 31
    we were flying to paris and it was just my mom and me and the pitt/jolie family in the first class cabin. she said hi to me and everything’s just been downhill since then

    @fendiphetamine Jan 31
    the funniest part was that all the articles were about how their family flew economy?? sis where

    Veronika@NicoleGrace888 6h6 hours ago
    Replying to @fendiphetamine
    Oh my God I'm so happy for you😍 Please tell me, there were only Angelina with kids? Brad wasn't with them

  3. Fussy this is how media manipulates a story with added their version additional information to spice up the report "While mystery man buys chocolates at Sees candy. @TMZ @TMZLive" . Looks like this poster Richie saw the tweet from the original poster Juliette Fecher who just innocently posted "Angelina Jolie lol", apart from that nothing was added with "mystery man buys chocolates at Sees Candy" that part was added by TMZ. As we can see by the Sees Candy bag Angelina is carrying in the Mall TMZ spoke to See's and checked who bought it. We can clearly see Angelina and girls have a white haired body guard with them who was "the mystery man who bought chocolates" LOL. TMZ as usual sensationalized a non story to make it a story. You can see the bodyguard at the left side standing outside the beside the "please enter here sign".. here is a photo

    Richie Quintero‏@richquintero 16h16 hours ago
    Angelina joilie at the sherman oaks fashion square mall!!! Sippin on coffee with her younger kids . While mystery man buys chocolates at Sees candy. @TMZ @TMZLive

    Just goes to show how media manipulates an image and narrative to suite them, just like Daily Mail did with adding old NYC photos with new photos from Paris and passed it of as new exclusive news, yet the reality was it wasn't.