Monday, January 15, 2018


  1. Fussy New Angelina sighting from yesterday at Mel's Drive In.

    bigmouthstrikesagain 18 hours ago
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  3. angie@thegodkilIer 2h2 hours ago
    I don’t wanna be that person cause I know this sounds annoying but if miss angelina jolie was male she’d get a lot more credit as a director. unbroken is hands down a masterpiece and first they killed my father was brilliant. she deserves better.

    Chris from Iowa@FCKC_Chris 4h4 hours ago
    Last night I watched "First They Killed My Father" on Netflix. Amazing film directed by Angelina Jolie. It tells the story of a 5 year old girl who survives the genocide in Cambodia in the 70's. Amazing story.

    emily prentiss dani@birdgetregan 7h7 hours ago
    angelina is the director of First They Killed My Father and the executive producer of The Breadwinner. She does so much humanitarian work for 3rd world countries and yall don't appreciate it enough. As a person who lives in one, I am deadly serious when I say I WOULD DIE FOR HER

    Brittni@BriNichelle90 Jan 14
    Replying to @UngLoung
    Could you or Angelina ask him or someone else at Netflix to put First They Killed My Father on the main page? Like in the ‘Recently Added’ and ‘Dramas’ categories. It will give it more buzz.

    James Hart@jkchart Jan 14
    It’s a shame that First They Killed My Father has seemed to get little recognition beyond Foreign Language nominations. Jolie is deserving as a director and co-writer with Ung, and the acting and cinematography is also worthy of praise.

  4. Here, Robbie talks about stepping into the producer role, life back in Australia, and why she got really, really nervous meeting Angelina Jolie.
    Do you have any celebrity crushes?
    I mean, I have the most massive girl-crush on Saoirse Ronan ever. We just worked together, and I love her to pieces. And I met Angelina Jolie for the first time the other night at an event, and it was like startling to be so close to [her.] She was like stunning. And not just aesthetically; she just has such a presence. I got really hot and sweaty and stumbled my words, and it was a terrible introduction. I really just wanted to tell her that she’s an inspiration and stuff like that. But I think I just ended up breathing on her and looking weird. Lots of crushes at the moment, I guess. Lots of woman crushes.