Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Random Fuzzy

Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton's public involvement with her now seems strictly confined to matters related to the PSVI.  Their influence at one point seemed to encompass every facet of Angelina's life. Up to early last year, they were widely regarded as being her closest advisers with their sphere viewed to extend to her career and films.  Helic was described as her political mentor even as Angelina seemed to be expanding her involvement in international issues.

Last April in GQ, Brad said, "There's a lot to tell them (the kids)because there's understanding the future, there's understanding the immediate moment and why we're at this point, and then it brings up a lot of issues from the past that we haven't talked about."   Whether it was true that Brad took issue with Helic and Dalton’s pervasive influence on her or not, Angelina shortly thereafter drastically cut her involvement with them.

In February, Helic and Dalton sat in the audience during her press conference for FTKMF in Siem Reap, where Dalton appeared to be instructing her security. Helic afterwards accompanied her during her courtesy call on Cambodia's Environment Minister.  But ever since the family moved to the DeMille in June, they have not been seen with her outside of PSVI-related engagements.  They were not seen again at any FTKMF event.  They have not accompanied any family outing.  Even though they were both in Paris, they were not asked to join the family at the Louvre.  They only appeared when PSVI related work was discussed.  They are on her payroll so they do her bidding.

The change was particularly abrupt and pronounced in Dalton's case.  A speechwriter, she appeared to be acting as a personal and family assistant and traveled with them from London to L.A. to Cambodia. Dalton was with them while they were keeping a very, very low profile after their trip back in September 2016.  She was there when they were sighted for the first time at a Malibu beachfront home.  She was with them when they emerged from what looked like a brief stay at the Hotel Bel-Air where the first front photos of Angelina were taken. In contrast, Angelina's brother who was said to be helping her out at the time was also at the Malibu beachfront but not in Bel-Air. Unlike Dalton, he was never a ubiquitous presence around her.  Before accompanying her to watch Hamilton in NY in July 2016, Jamie accompanied her to the Vatican in 2015, and only appeared sporadically with her during the years prior.

Dalton was last seen with members of the family in May when she accompanied Shiloh and Vivienne to a Malibu basketball court. Ever since the family made a big jump forward with the happy and light DeMille in June, there has been a dramatic diminution of her job that eliminated family-related functions and substantially reduced the work and contact she had with Angelina.

Dalton and Helic are evidently now limited to just working with her on the very specific issue of preventing sexual violence.  It's a severe change that indicates Angelina wholeheartedly agreed there was a need to decisively limit their roles and keep them at arm's length.  I wonder what impact, if any, this has on her plans for JP.D.H

Family therapy sessions gave everyone an opportunity to have a voice on all matters affecting the family.  It is a way for them to continue their lives so everyone is happy and so they remain stronger and closer.

- Instead of riding the horses, Knox and Vivienne opted for a motorcycle and an ostrich respectively, no doubt reflecting their personal interests.

- The camera crew that accompanied them inside the Louvre was also inside the Guerlain premises when she arrived so it appears what they are filming may be part of the Guerlain campaign.

-- Fussy

Paris carousel 2006 left, 2018 right


  1. Video of Angelina's arrival and the NATO Sec Gen waiting to greet her.

  2. Three pictures of Angelina, Guerlain's muse, on the balcony of Le Meurice Hotel, posing in that flaming red dress. She seems to be having fun.

  3. Fussy, this iis a very interesting video of Angelina's day yesterday at NATO. Shows her being introduced to several very important people, meetings, greetings, briefings....etc. I think you will enjoy it.

  4. Fussy, looks like Angelina is being presented with a medal from General Shepro in these pictures. She truly deserves a medal for all she does for refugees and for all the years she has been a great wife to Brad, an incredible mom and for holding the entire family together (with Brad's help I am certain...functioning as a united front) these past years.

  5. Fussy, not certain if this is accurate...Says "new" Angelina in Paris 1/31/2018 (?) Wonder if the family is still in Paris.

  6. Brasil has the pictures of Angelina in that gorgeous RED dress with the beige shawl 1/30/2018. She is simply stunning.