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Lifestyles of those flying private

- Flight time on a business jet --  Global Express, Gulfstream, Canadair etc. -- from Van Nuys or Burbank, CA to Boston is approx 4 hours.

- Flight time from Boston to Van Nuys, CA is approx 5 hrs.

- Flight time from Van Nuys or Burbank, CA to Teterboro, NJ is approx 4 hrs,

- Flight time from Boston to Teterboro is approx 50 minutes.


Luong was back home in Cleveland, OH for a Q&A on Nov 24.

Angelina was seen at Gelson's in L.A. Nov. 26 with Vivienne and someone who looked like her make-up artist Toni G.

Brad was at MIT Media Lab in Cambridge Nov. 28.

A 3rd party posted on Nov. 28, photos of Angelina, Luong and the kids sans Pax at a temple in Long Beach.  We don't know when exactly the photos were taken.  Angelina, Shiloh and Knox were also photographed at Kim Long Market in Long Beach, likely taken the same day as the temple visit.

No member of the family was seen out and about anywhere on Nov. 29, Pax's birthday.  Jon Voight was seen at LAX earlier in the day on Nov. 29.

Brad was reportedly in the Pollaro shop in New Jersey on Nov 30.

There was a Nov. 30 FTKMF screening at UTA in Beverly Hills reportedly with Angelina.  There was no report that Luong was present.

Brad attended the opening of a gallery exhibit in West Hollywood with Spike Jonze on Dec. 1.  And reportedly took a joint offered at the part by Legion of Bloom, which touts itself as producing "the highest quality, medicinal cannabis through sustainable practices."


It would be fairly easy for Brad to fly to L.A. from Boston late Nov. 28 or early 29, fly out to New Jersey on Nov. 30, and back to L.A. on Dec. 1.  He didn't fly commercial.  They are used to more grueling schedules covering longer distances when promoting their films.

It is also possible the whole family didn't celebrate Pax's birthday in L.A, which is why Jon, who is now very close to his grandchildren as well as Angelina, was seen leaving town earlier that day.

It is possible, although perhaps less likely, that Pax spent his birthday one-on-one with Brad in the East Coast.

Angelina and Luong are expected in N.Y. on Dec 14 for a public Q&A. She will receive the UNCA Citizen of the Year on Dec. 15.


This time last year, we were told that the family had a "quiet" Thanksgiving dinner without Brad.  That "the children did not request to be with Brad on Thanksgiving" and so he spent it alone with a male buddy, "sad and frustrated" in an Aman resort in Turks and Caicos.  We were told that Brad also missed Pax's birthday celebration a few days later.  That the guests were just her brother Jamie, the family's staff, and Pax's siblings who sang to him and gave him presents they made themselves.  All of this detailed info was proffered by their reps.  In contrast, we have not had any info about any family celebration this year -- nothing since they came back from Crested Butte.  The reps have since been generally silent.  And judging from her comment to Scott Feinberg in Awards Chatter: "Publicist, I never really got along with.  Had to have them for emergencies and it's never worked out."  -- they probably jettisoned all of them early this year..

The public statements from their reps came while Brad's hubris was getting him in deeper trouble as he rejected the advice of the therapists and refused to strictly follow the recommendations of the DCFS embodied in the legally binding Custody Stipulation.  In a subsequent hint that the public display did not reflect the private reality, just 3 weeks after the court thwarted his efforts that sparked a contentious exchange between their reps, they celebrated New Years at Crested Butte and achieved a major turning point for the family.  Angelina arranged for one of the children's therapists to accompany them on holiday so Brad, who was still required to have therapeutic visits, could have the therapists' approval to join them.  It was much more than Brad could have gotten with his attempts to prematurely gain non-therapeutic visits.  Angelina found a better way working with the therapists instead of against them.  She found a way for him to celebrate with the family while still fulfilling her obligation to safeguard the children's ability to heal properly, which was the reason the DCFS compelled the filing.

Angelina decided that the family would spend all of the week around New Year at the ski resort even though she loves the heat, is not an expert skier, and half of the children didn't know how to ski.  She primarily wanted to help Brad reconnect with the older boys who had refused his visits for months.  Brad had taught Maddox and Pax how to snowboard and snowboarding together provided an excellent opportunity for him to jump start healing his relationship with them.  By the time they returned from Crested Butte, Angelina was convinced that Brad appreciated the need to abide by the therapists' recommendations and comply with the Custody Stipulation.  He understood that it was the best way to restore his relationship with all the children on firm footing.  This paved the way for the transfer of the case to Judge Ouderkirk, who does not have the power to enforce legal agreements like the Custody Stipulation.  As per their Jan 9 statement: "to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues.  The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification."

GQ in late March:  "... I know I'm just in the middle of this thing now and I'm not at the beginning of it or at the end of it, just where this chapter is right now, just smack-dab in the middle. It's fucking in the middle of it and, you know, I just don't want to dodge any of it. I just want to stand there, shirt open, and take my hits and see, and see.

VF in June:  “We care for each other and care about our family, and we are both working towards the same goal.”

Between Telluride and Crested Butte, they have a lot of reasons to love Colorado.

It is interesting that while Brad hasn't been seen holding or imbibing alcohol in any of the numerous gatherings he has attended, he was said to have accepted a joint at the art exhibit reception.  It probably should be noted that he was not seen smoking it.  In addition to avoiding alcohol, he also hasn't been seen smoking cigarettes this past year.  He has reportedly been vaping. A vaping pen could accommodate cannabis.  Realistically, he likely didn't accept the joint just to give it to someone else.  That it was "medical grade" may have been an attraction and it probably mans he doesn't have a stash at home.  He claimed in GQStyle that he didn't find it hard to stop smoking pot and that while he used to be a stoner, he "stopped everything except boozing when I started my family."   But in the TMZ report that first broke the news of the filing, alcohol and weed as well as anger issues were cited.  As someone still facing the repercussions from recent substance abuse, who admits that he has self-control problems and tends to "run things to the ground," and who claims to have stopped smoking pot, it would obviously have looked better if he had passed.  Optics aside, if he is still required to undergo random weekly drug tests, even a single use of marijuana can be detected. 

If things are taking longer than expected, we don't have to look too far for a reason.  He knows it too: "Any of my foibles are born from my own hubris. Always, always. Anytime. I famously step in shit—at least for me it seems pretty epic."  Hopefully, accepting that joint wasn't a mistake he now regrets.

They didn't announce that they had gotten married in Miraval until 5 days later -- when they were already in an area in Malta that was closed off to the public for By the Sea and inaccessible to paparazzi.  I expect they plan something similar.  Which means it won't be on or before a public appearance, which rules out anything before Dec. 15.

-- Fussy

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  1. Angelina did host a screening of FTKMF on Thursday 30 November in Beverley Hills

  2. Brad back in LA at an Art Gallery...he's the last pic.

  3. Brad in West Hollywood at an art show. Looks like he is wearing the same outfit he wore while in New Jersey.

  4. Sean Burns‏Verified account @SeanMBurns 19m19 minutes ago
    /FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER/ (2017, Jolie, ****) A shame this is getting lost in the year-end crush. Some really incredible filmmaking here.

    Onancio‏ @onanccio13 2h2 hours ago
    Lastnight i watched the movie (First they killed my father) on Netflix. Its really sad, left me speechless tbh... Its based on a true story. Its about the Cambodian-Vietnamese War. Watch it, you wont regret it.

    Oswald Cobblepot‏ @Sossa_97 3h3 hours ago
    Watching first they killed my father and honestly Angelina Jolie is the next big director!

  5. Paula‏ @MsTwistedNerve 6h6 hours ago
    Thank you @UngLoung and @FTKMFNetflix for acknowledging my question. #FirstTheyKilledMyFather is streaming @netflix. #AngelinaJolie

  6. Clear pic of Brad with Spike Jonze..



    Last night in LA...The Legion Of Bloom set up at Brandon Boyd (of Incubus) art show...oh, and Brad Pitt showed up. No big deal 😳 (yes, he took a joint!)

  9. Brandon Boyd had an art exhibit in West Hollywood this weekend called OptiMystic: A Pop Up Gallery by Brandon Boyd. There was a private event on December 1, 2017 for VIP (INVITE ONLY) from 7-10pm that Brad attended. And from 12-2 to 12-3-17 it was open to the public.
    There were tweets that Brad was spotted at a bar that evening. And then there was a facebook post ...
    Last night in LA...The Legion Of Bloom set up at Brandon Boyd (of Incubus) art show...oh, and Brad Pitt showed up. No big deal �� (yes, he took a joint!).
    No posts etc., regarding anyone seeing Brad drinking or smoking. For those who missed it.
    The Legion of Bloom is a California based medical cannabis company specializing in top of the line marijuana products such as Legion of Bloom Flowers, Concentrates, Rosin, and Terpenes.
    Proposition 64 California...As of Nov. 9, 2016 it became legal for any adult 21 years or older to: Possess, transport, obtain or give away to other adults 21 or older no more than one ounce of marijuana or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.

  10. New photo of Brad


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