Thursday, September 21, 2017

Random Fuzzy

-  FTKMF is currently in 5th place in Rotten Tomatoes' Top DVD & Streaming across all platforms (Fandango, Netflix, iTunes Amazon, Amazon Prime, Hulu, vudu.)   It is the top film when looking at Netflix alone.

FTKMF was also released in select theaters but Netflix does not provide theater grosses.

- The L.A.Times "Asked if she has ever considered trying to tackle a big-budget studio franchise film, like a superhero movie." She has already been approached before as there were reports she was being courted for Captain Marvel.  After the success of FTKMF, the studios will be making a much more determined effort.  Directors who can make films that connect with critics and audiences alike are in short supply.  Even rarer still are those who can achieve that feat with films that combine emotional engagement, sustained tension and skillfully executed action -- ingredients of successful blockbusters -- all of which were on display in FTKMF.

If she were to ever be tempted to direct a big franchise, Star Wars, which has recently had director problems, may be the one with her children's urging.

-- Fussy

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