Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sofia Coppola made headlines last week when The Beguiled director revealed Will Ferrell’s comedy Daddy’s Home is one of her favorite movies of the 21st century. “The only film my kids and I equally enjoy together! I love Will Ferrell, and this movie is sweet and fun to watch with cracking-up kids,” she said.
Speaking to EW as part of a Facebook Live interview to promote his upcoming comedy The House, Ferrell called Coppola’s comments “so flattering” and added that Daddy’s Home is children often approach him about on the street.
“I get younger kids who have either seen Elf or [say], ‘Oh, you’re in that movie where you’re the stupid dad. You’re the not-cool dad.’ I’m not stupid, I’m just very in touch with my feelings. I love that it was a total little-kid thought: Mark [Wahlberg] is the cool guy, you’re the uncool guy,” Ferrell said. “We hoped that movie would do what a lot of these animated movies are doing, where they have enough sophistication level for adults to be satisfied and also you have fun stuff for kids to watch. So it was great to hear Sofia’s comments. It’s just fun to sit down and equally laugh with your kids while watching the same thing.”
Asked which other famous stars, in addition to Coppola, have told Ferrell they’re fans of his work, the actor cited his former Megamind voice costar Brad Pitt.
“Brad Pitt is another guy who’s just like, ‘I can’t tell you how many of your movies we’ve just sat and watched with the kids and we equally are just sharing a laugh,” Ferrell said. “I think for a family to connect — I know it’s the same with my kids — to have an experience where you connect with the humor together, it’s like a real rite of passage. It’s really special.”
The House is out June 30.


Gianopulos with Brad Pitt at the L.A. premiere of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. They’re working on a World War Z sequel, with David Fincher likely directing.

What's the status of the World War Z sequel?
We're in advanced development.

With David Fincher directing?
Yes. And Brad Pitt.

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