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Random Fuzzies

I had written earlier that their wildlife conservation and protection efforts in Namibia -- in partnership with N/a'ankuse which is funded by their foundation -- could use the publicity from their visit.  It looks like they may be there now.  N/a'ankuse just recently added an elephant and rhino sanctuary through Angelina's help.  Because of the threat from poachers, the security would already normally be very tight but they would obviously have their own sizeable security contingent which we saw at the airport.

The instagram posts are from Adam Campbell - her hairstylist, a photographer and his assistants, and the entertainment director for Harpers Bazaar.   Campbell arrived Friday, June 23, on a commercial flight via Frankfurt.  The family probably arrived ahead but we will likely only get photo confirmation after they leave.  They may be working on a cover story in time for FTKMF's September release on Netflix.

The last time Angelina visited N/a'ankuse two years ago she was photographed playing with the cheetah cubs that were named for and by Shiloh.  Those now fully grown cheetahs may have a part in her pictorial together with the other animals being cared for in the sanctuary.  It should be a fun and educational experience for the children to join the volunteers who help care for the animals.

Namibia, in the west coast of Africa, is in the same time zone as the U.K.   It is a roughly 10 hour flight from London or Nice to Windhoek -- a very manageable trip for someone who wants to do a quick trip to Europe.

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-- I think at this point she may have already committed to Bride.  She may have signed on before she left L.A..  The Mummy has so far earned $342M on an $125M budget.  When everything has been tallied, it may even eke out a small profit.  But with only a 42% audience score and a dismal 15% critics score,  it's handing over the baton leaving Bride with a lot of ground to make up.  Bride now needs to be a critical and box office hit for the Dark Universe franchise to be viable.  So the pressure will definitely be on it. And on her.  She is paying back Donna Langley and Universal in a big way.

-- Brad may have been on an art-buying trip.  They have a storied new house with lots of walls and rolling grounds to fill.  Just a short stroll away from the house of his good friend and new WWZ 2 director.

-- Brad has 3 new tattoos.  The areas of the tattoos would be tender so it isn't on his left arm nor would it be taped over.   It may be on his torso and back since Mo Ganji seems to take care putting his arm around him, and on his inner right arm.  The family initials many obsess over is on his outer arm and wrist.  Mo Ganji, who is based in Berlin, does sweeping, elegant, single line designs.  Brad may have passed by for him during his whirlwind art tour, but this session, with the meticulous personalized design work and the special trip, would have been arranged many months in advance.  Mo Ganji states on his web page:
I only book appointments 8 weeks in advance.

I do not tattoo hands, feet and the ribcage.

As an artist i belive i can come up with the best possible result if I have total creative freedom.
That is why I do not accept compromises with regards to the finished design.
That beeing said I always insure you will get an unique piece of art that will not be recreated for any other customer.

You can check out Mo Ganji's designs on his Instagram page.  What he did for Brad would be very similar.   I would guess that since some recent designs resemble her, that one could be of Angelina's face.  There could be another of a cheetah / rhino / elephant for their work with N/a ankuse.  Maybe one of Jacques.

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It looks like her pictorial will encompass other sights of Namibia. 

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From June 2015
I love N/a’an ku sΓͺ

The Jim Jeffries weatherman may be filing a report from Venice.

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-- Despite their faults, many of the biggest sites, e.g. People,  make some attempt to maintain credibility which is why they continue to work with them. And then there are the bottom feeders who are totally unscrupulous and just routinely spew out garbage.  Their reputation precedes them and everyone but flies should avoid all their garbage.

Despite recent tabloid reports that Pitt was cozying up to Sienna Miller at the Glastonbury music festival in the U.K. over the weekend, and that he was also spotted getting flirty with supermodel Elle Macpherson -- who recently split from billionaire Jeffrey Soffer -- in Los Angeles, our source says the 53-year-old actor isn't dating anyone.

They've previously favored ET, Vanity Fair, Hello and People and they continue to do so.
But this time, they've made sure to spread the favor around.   Many more people will read their denials than read the original reports.  The last time they did this was when it was reported that Angelina was looking to move to London.  They moved to shut this rumor down as emphatically as they did that one.  With apologies to the flies.

What the two rumors have in common is they give the impression of a wider split -- that they are moving further apart.  They are sensitive to managing the public's expectations.

Nope, not true. Brad Pitt is not dating Sienna Miller or Elle Macpherson, contrary to recent reports, sources tell Us Weekly.
“Brad was there with Bradley Cooper. Sienna is also good friends with Bradley Cooper. They were all hanging out as friends,” the insider informed Us. “There’s nothing going on there.”
“He is not seeing Elle and wasn’t in the country when this ‘date’ took place.”

Daily Mail

Reps for the Hollywood star told Daily Mail Australia: 'This is not true. Brad Pitt isn't even in the country.'

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  1. Brad's had 3 tattoos done , maybe that's why his arm tatto looks more darker in thee German musium this was doen at Miraval

    Chateau Miraval, Correns Var

    This is for Momo, Isi, Valentin, Tiba, Hima, Meditz, Chris, Morgan, Katharina, Ulli and everyone who made this possible.
    4am and 3 tattoos later.
    #tylerdurden #moganji #singleline
    moganjiThis is for Momo, Isi, Valentin, Tiba, Hima, Meditz, Chris, Morgan, Katharina, Ulli and everyone who made this possible.
    4am and 3 tattoos later.


  2. Fussy Harper Bazar's Sergio Kletnoy is still in Namibia I will say its good publicity for N/a'ankuse

    sergiokletnoyOn a stroll through the desert with cheetahs... #Namibia

    Also Adam Campbell is there by the responces from other posters looks like it was his Birthday.

  3. Fussy, Alexi Lubomirski photo Fashion photographer he's also in Namibia he also works for @concernworldwideus ・・・
    alexilubomirskiSunrise commute to work in Namibia 😊 πŸŒ…πŸ›«

    I think they will cover JPF works with N/a'ankuse

  4. The evening will be introduced by artist and human rights activist Angelina Jolie in a powerful and personal video introduction, and the 9th Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell will join the performance to live draw on stage alongside 9-year-old Jude Holland.

    I hope we get to see Angelina's speech

  5. Deep learning with Cheetahs in Namibia

  6. Fussy another photographer they are shooting photos
    maxhoellWhen you ask for someone in Africa to watch the truck #africa #desert #namibia #traveldiaries #cheetah @eduardoafiel @alexilubomirski

  7. Fussy Brad shit this segmanat in Venice Italy so it seems Brad was there to film the Jim Jefferies show a working Holiday, multitasking liek Angelina.

    mhparkk Venice, Italy
    mhparkkGuess who, OMG! #BradPitt ��❤️

  8. Fussy images from tonights Royal Albert Hall Angelina's powerful and personal video introduction

  9. Navin‏ @NavinSewak 3h3 hours ago
    Brilliant so far with a fab intro from Angelina Jolie & some of the proceeds going to #GrenfellTower residents and families #DreamsOfFreedom